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Hollywood star Stephenson: Vlaar could be top movie action hero

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Hollywood star Stephenson: Vlaar could be top movie action hero

By Paul Brown

Hollywood actor Bob Stephenson believes Ron Vlaar has a future career ahead of him as a movie action hero.

Villa fan Stephenson knows all about that particular genre, having worked on films such as Seven, Fight Club and Con Air.

And he thinks Vlaar would be perfectly suited to mashing and maiming film villains once he quits football.

Stephenson, who lives in Los Angeles but follows the fortunes of Paul Lambert's men via Fox Soccer, is a huge fan of the Dutch destroyer.

And he thinks film fame awaits!

He said: "I think there are a few Villa players who'd have what it takes to be a movie star.

"But Ron Vlaar is definitely No.1.

"Come on - Ron Vlaar is clearly Jason Statham's heavy. Him and Vinnie Jones?! What a combo!

"Hearing Ron's accent just before he snaps a guy's neck...that's a movie I want to see!

"But let's see him concentate on his football career with Villa for the moment. I have been really impressed with him since he joined us at the start of the season.

"He's just a top class defender, a real leader and I think he could play for any team."

Stephenson admits one of his lifelong ambitions is to remake 'Escape to Victory' and play the lead role - as an avid Villa fan.

He added: "I've always wanted to remake that movie 'Escape to Victory'. It's a great story.

"I would love to play a character in that football match. I would certainly make that character a lifelong Villa fan.

"Clearly that character would win the match and save the day. Clearly!"

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