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Petrov: The 19th minute applause tribute makes me want to cry

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Petrov: The 19th minute applause tribute makes me want to cry

By Paul Brown

Stan Petrov admits he always feels like crying whenever he sees the fans applaud him during games.

Supporters rise to their feet and clap enthusiastically on the 19th minute to coincide with the skipper's squad number.

Petrov, who watches Villa games he's able to, says he gets emotional during the heart-warming tribute minute.

He said: "I just feel like crying every time. It's great appreciation from the fans.

"I really appreciate it. But that's Villa fans for you. They love the club and they love the players.

"I have been a part of this club for quite a while and I fell in love with it.

"I am getting great support. I still go and see the boys when I can, when the professor tells me my count is right. It's great. I miss it. But I have another priority at the moment."

Petrov, currently in remission, admits his outlook on life has changed since his battle with leukaemia was revealed.

The club skipper now lives life to the absolute fullest every day.

He added: "I am in remission. I had quite a lot of chemotherapy. I am in a consolidation phase at the moment. I have a few more cycles to go.

"It's been a long road. It's been long. It's been tough. But the professor, the doctors, the nurses who have been looking after me have been great, very supportive.

"I knew it was going to be hard from the start. I didn't know it was going to be that hard!

"But, at the end of the road, you become an even better person.

"People say 'live every day as if it's your last.' That's what people say.

"I am enjoying it. I enjoy seeing my kids, my wife, my mum and dad, my brother.

"It's emotional. You always have emotional periods. But I am battling hard. So far it is going well which is a very positive thing."

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By @AVFCOfficial 20th November 2012
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