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#AskLittle: Brian on Lambert, Benteke, Ellis and Saunders

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#AskLittle: Brian on Lambert, Benteke, Ellis and Saunders

Former player and manager Brian Little is next up in our special Cult Heroes feature series.

Little follows the likes of John Gregory, Kent Nielsen and Wilfred Bouma in answering questions sent in by fans via Twitter.

Find below his thoughts on a range of topics.

Q] What was it like to have to retire so early?

A] It was easy to be honest as I was injured for quite some time. I had too many problems with my knee.

I just knew. My ligaments were severely damaged and at that time I knew I had major problems.

Q] What was the highlight of your playing career?

I'd have to say it was playing for England at Wembley. And, of course, playing for Aston Villa!

Q] What was it like to work with Ron Saunders?

A] It is fair to say that Ron and I did not see eye to eye.I think he found me difficult. But there was definite respect.

This was a time, you have to remember, when tough discipline ruled with managers.

Later on after I became a boss in my own right I found myself saying his quotes to players.

It was only then, later on in life, that I released how influential he was on me.

Q] Did winning the League Cup as a manager give you as much satisfaction as winning it as a player?

A] It was great to win a major trophy as a manager.

I won championships, manager of the year awards but winning the League Cup with Villa was my best achievement.

Q] Who was the best player you ever played with? And played against?

My partnership with Andy Gray was the favourite period in my career.

In terms of playing against it was Johan Cruyff. He was the greatest player, without doubt.

Q] Can you explain what makes Aston Villa such a magnificent club?

A] That's a tough one! When I arrived at the club at the tender age of 13, I just knew I had to sign for Villa.

I had been to Leeds, Newcastle and a few other places but I just got a good feel for the club. It was really pleasant.

And when you have been there for a period of time, you just feel that you should support the club so to speak. It is very special.

Q] What do you make of Paul Lambert?

A] Paul Lambert was a great choice as Villa manager because of the pedigree shown so far in his managerial career.

In his defence so far this season, I believe this is very much a transitional period for the team.

I hope the manager's way of playing - his attacking, enterprising style - will bring them through.

Q] Who do you admire most of the current players? Is there one player you'd have liked to work with?

A] The new signing Christian Benteke is in the mould of the classic centre-forward the club's fans love to support.

It's a position that's become famous for Villa over the years.

Q] What do you make of Twitter?

A] If used properly, it is fine.

I enjoy the fact that I have a direct communication with football fans, not just Villa fans but all the clubs I have been involved in.

I am always interested in what they are thinking.

Q] Who was your best pound-for-pound signing?

A] Because I have worked at so many different levels, I would have to pick someone who cost nothing.

I will go for Mick Tait at Darlington. He had played 900 league games and on the back of signing him, the team won two championships back to back.

Q] Do you really walk on water?

A] Laughter.

Q] What happened in that meeting with Doug Ellis that made you resign? You didn't go in with the intention of leaving!

A] I did go in with the intention of leaving. I had had a lot of years of non-stop work building up to it and I had done a decade of coaching and management and I needed a breather.

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