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Man City v Villa: Guzan's hair-raising experience as himself on FIFA 13!

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Man City v Villa: Guzan's hair-raising experience as himself on FIFA 13!

By Paul Brown

Brad Guzan is expecting a hair-raising encounter against Manchester City - but not as much as his FIFA 13 doppelganger.

Guzan warmed up for the clash at the Etihad Stadium with an almighty clash on the Xbox version of the popular EA SPORTS game.

Villa's No.22 tried to be a cut above playing as Villa with ace Acorns kid Ahmed Hussain taking him on.

But it was the 17-year-old who was razor-sharp with the console controls, seeing off Guzan 5-0.

Guzan was frustrated at his performance - but thrilled with the computer likeness of himself.

He said: "That was my first time playing FIFA 13. I am not a computer-game player generally.

"So to clock up a 5-0 defeat? I'd give myself a five out of ten for that. It was a very average performance from 'FIFA 13 Guzan'.

"I thought Ahmed was going to take it easy on me but he didn't, far from it!

"'FIFA 13 Guzan' made a few good saves - as I'd expect - but there was one horrific goalkick which went straight to the striker for their first goal. That was very un-Guzanlike.

"I can't even blame my defenders for that goal. In reality, Ahmed gave me really bad advice on what buttons did what. That was a set-up on his part!

"He went close with a few other shots but I can happily say I had them covered - honest!

"I'm really happy with the look of 'FIFA 13 Guzan'. They have got the look and technique down perfectly.

"They were a bit generous in the hair department though, if I'm being brutally honest. They gave me more than I actually have! Not that I'm complaining!"

Asked if he had any advice for Guzan, Ahmed said: "Practice!"

Guzan was the special visitor to Acorns to give the children a pre-festive treat.

Villa's ace goalkeeper not only played computer games with the kids, he also designed and created Christmas Cards for the holiday season.

Check out our exclusive video of Guzan's day at Acorns.

Arrow BulletBrad Guzan supports the Acorns Children's Hospices "Now is the Time" campaign, which aims to raise funding for 25,000 days of care for local life-limited children by the charity's 25th anniversary in December 2013.

The campaign has just passed the 10,000 days milestone.

To donate £3, for example, text 'AVFC12£3' to 70070 or visit for information for more information.

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