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Fare from France on the menu at Restaurant VMF

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Fare from France on the menu at Restaurant VMF

''Vous voulez manger un repas delicieux? Oui - ce serait avec plaisir! Alors, il faut aller au Restaurant VMF…''.

Okay, so you don't speak French!

Let us translate for you: "Do you want to enjoy delicious food? Yes please? Well Restaurant VMF is the place to be..."

We're holding a special French Evening in the Trinity Road Directors Suite on Friday November 16.

The cost is £24.95 per person with traditional fare on offer on the night.

There's Feuilletage de Fruit de Mer - a classic 'thousand leaves' pastry case overflowing with fish in season and served with a classic French 'beurre blanc'.

How about Veloute de Chou Fleur? Veloute if the French word for velvet. This cauliflower cream soup is blended with truffle oil and finished with a shaving of new season truffles. We also have Daube de Bouef Bourguignon.

This classic French dish is served from the thick flank, marinated in red wine from Burgundy and braised until tender. It is garnished with mushrooms, onions, bacon and carrot and a rich red wine sauce made from the cooking liquor.

How about Brie de Meaux, Persillé du Beaujolais Chèvre? Persille du Beaujolais Chevre is tangy, lean and peppery. This goat's milk blue is from France. It pairs well with your favourite Vouvray, a true limbic or a sweet cider.

Brie de Meaux has the sweetness one would expect from a top world's cheese. Brie de Meaux delivers a very soft combination of hazelnut and fruit aromas. It is, in fact, a perfect match with champagne.

Then there's Clafoutis aux Mirabelle. This Mirabelle plum clafouti recipe, also known as clafouti aux mirabelles, uses the delicious addition of dainty yellow plums swirled into the traditional custard cake. Mirabelle plums are delicately scented, popular for their tart, tangy skin and juicy, sweet flesh.

Finally, we have Cafe aux truffe de chocolate, which is freshly brewed coffee with homemade chocolate truffles using the classic Valhrona Manjari chocolate. Delicious!

Contact 0121 326 1570 to make a restaurant reservation.

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