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Villa v Man Utd: Benteke absolutely amazed by supporter adulation

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Villa v Man Utd: Benteke absolutely amazed by supporter adulation

By Paul Brown

The expression on Christian Benteke's face said it all.

Despite still not being totally fluent in English, he fully understood the question being asked of him.

"Can you believe that 70% of shirts sold in the Villa Stores have 'Benteke 20' on the back?"

His eyes lit up as he checked with translator Lorna McClelland that he had heard correctly.

When she smiled and nodded, he took a deep breath before responding: "Wow!

"I didn't know that. That is incredible. I am really, really proud of that! It means a lot to know I have made a good impression with the fans.

"Since I have joined Villa I have had a really good relationship with fans of Villa. They are great.

"And they are really important. They pay for tickets, they come and watch us in their thousands home and away. I couldn't be happier to know they have taken to me. It makes me very, very happy!"

Benteke is also the darling of online followers on Villa Live - with supporters joining together on the matchday console at times of need to type 'Unbelievable Bentekkers'.

This is their novel way of inducing the powerful forward to score. And it's certainly worked, with four goals since his arrival.

When told of this website adulation, he added: "I am lost for words. It's nice to know that sort of thing.

"It's a great motivator. It's motivating having thousands watching you and cheering you on at the game but it's even more of a push to know fans online, following from all corners of the world, are willing you to do well. I will remember that!"

Look out for much, much more from Benteke in a special in-depth feaure in Saturday's matchday programme - Villa News & Record.

If you want to join the burgeoning Benteke band, shirts are available in Villa Stores at Villa Village and New Street or from our online shop.

Make sure you're here to roar on the lads against Manchester United.

By @AVFCOfficial 7th November 2012
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