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Villa v Norwich: Vlaar on why he wants the fans to yell and scream

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Villa v Norwich: Vlaar on why he wants the fans to yell and scream

By Paul Brown

Ron Vlaar says it will be easier for Villa to give Norwich hell if the fans yell.

Vlaar is one of a number of players who this week has reiterated the importance of fan support as Villa look to march up the Barclays Premier League table.

Skipper Vlaar has been thoroughly impressed with the decibel levels achieved by the claret and blue army so far this term.

He wants more of the same on Saturday as the Canaries clash hits Villa Park.

He said: "The fans have been brilliant and that is important for us.

"They can see that we are having a difficult time at the moment but on Saturday it is another game which starts at 0-0 and they can play their part.

"You can feel their support and it is a great help. We need it and they can see that we need it.

"We will try to play the best we possibly can and have a good game. That will give the fans the right signals.

"It makes it easier for them to cheer us on if they see we are trying our best.

"You saw against Fulham they were yelling and screaming for us the whole time and it was great.

"Everyone wants to do better and that always starts with the next game and our next game is Norwich on Saturday.

"That is a chance to regain some confidence, win a game and we have to look forward and focus on that now."

Vlaar admits it's a delight to be claret and blue captain although he believes he will "grow into the role" as the weeks and months pass.

He added: "Settling into the captaincy has not been easy.

"I have some experience with it from Feyenoord, of course, but here is a different league, different language and different culture.

"So I know that I will have to grow into the role. I hope I will get even better at it.

"But there is an old saying about 11 captains on the pitch. I personally think now you need 20-25 because it is a long season and we need everybody in the squad."

Make sure you're here to back the boys against Norwich City.

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