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Villa v Norwich match sponsor: Have a chance of FREE holiday to Tobago

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Villa v Norwich match sponsor: Have a chance of FREE holiday to Tobago

Villa's match sponsor for the weekend game with Norwich City is Tobago, The True Caribbean!

Visit the Tobagolator on the Trinity Forecourt and enter a competition with the chance to win a FREE holiday to Tobago in conjunction with Virgin Holidays!

The superb prize will be drawn at half-time at the Norwich game and the winner will then be presented pitchside.

Look out for the promotional staff around the ground on matchday, together with some carnival girls and a pianist who will be providing a true Caribbean atmosphere for all to enjoy.

They will also be on hand at the Tobagolator to complete your prize entry!

Remember to enter the competition before you go into the stadium and don't forget to enter your mobile number on the form so we can call you after kick-off if you're the lucky winning entry!

Tobago is no stranger to Villa supporters with its most famous sporting export being our very own Dwight Yorke.

Dwight Yorke

Tobago is famous for its long stretch of beautiful beaches, romantic settings and the most natural and beautiful scenery you will ever imagine.

Tobago has the complete package.

Take on the Caribbean vibe and totally relax, explore the waterfalls, chocolate plantation and famous Nylon pool with all the family, say 'I do' with the clear blue sky and sandy beach as your backdrop or have an all-out adventure and go diving, water skiing and hiking in the rainforest.

Tobago really is the true Caribbean. The island of Tobago is without any doubt, the jewel in the Caribbean Crown.

It is one of two islands that make up the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The climate is tropical with Tobago having two weather seasons - a wet season between July and November and a dry season between December and June.

The island of Tobago has been considered the island that inspired the story of Robinson Crusoe, although the popular book is based on the experiences of Alexander Selkirk who was marooned in the Pacific Islands.

The island was also the filming location for the Walt Disney movie 'The Swiss Family'.

Tobago is also the site of the famous 'mystery tombstone' which has become one of the worlds historical sites.

Tobago is a very popular destination for diving as most of the southern Caribbean Islands have large coral communities. The island has some of the best diving sites in the Caribbean.

There are three wrecks located around its shores. One of the sites considered the best is the 'Maverick Ferry' which used to travel between Trinidad and Tobago.

The ferry is 350 feet long and has been sunk in 30 metres/100 feet off Rocky Point. The wreck has an abundance of marine life, including a four foot jewfish which is a member of the grouper family.

The wreck was purposely sunk for divers, so all the doors and windows have been removed.


The waters around the island are home to many species of tropical fish, rays, sharks and turtles, particularly leatherback turtle which come to shore between April and July.

The Tobago Forest Reserve claims to be the oldest protected forest in the Western World. It was designated as a protected Crown reserve on April 17, 1776 and has remained protected ever since.

It has many species of birds, mammals, frogs, snakes, butterflies and other invertebrates.

Due to its size, there are government-appointed guides of the rainforest, who provide an authoritative guiding service through the forest at a reasonable cost.

The guides' knowledge is second to none.

Tobago Motto: Pulchrior Evenit in latin language translates to 'She becomes more beautiful'.

So remember to head to the Tobagolator to get in to the rhythm of the true Caribbean and win a once in a lifetime holiday experience.

Trinidad and Tobago

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