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Albrighton: Lambert is a top boss and still an excellent player!

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Albrighton: Lambert is a top boss and still an excellent player!

By Paul Brown

Paul Lambert has made a big impression on Marc Albrighton in his role as boss - and also with his skills on the training field.

Winger Albrighton says Lambert has set high standards for the squad and it's now up to the players to live up to them.

The 22-year-old insists Lambert's Lions have the perfect pride leader because of the manager's passion as a boss and reputation as a player.

And Albrighton says Lambert has already shown his skills in training this season!

He said: "The gaffer has come in and put a stamp on the club in terms of what he wants and what he expects. He's done that straight away which I think is perfect.

"As a manager he has set his standards and it's up to us as players to live up to them.

"With the squad we have and the set of lads we have, we will be doing everything we can to ensure that.

"He's come in early on and took a great interest in our thoughts as players in terms of what happened to the team in the past few seasons.

"He has had a brilliant career and it excites all of us, not just the young, but the older players also, to be working with him.

"It is fantastic, an honour, to say our manager and reserve team manager have won the European Cup. We're bound to learn from these guys!

"It passes on a good vibe, too. He's not bought his medal in yet, though!

"But the gaffer joins in a few sessions and you can see the touch is still there. It's only his pace that's not there. He reckons he had me in his pocket the other day. That was good fun."

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By @AVFCOfficial 15th October 2012
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