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Villa v West Brom: Vlaar showed skipper skills before he signed

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Villa v West Brom: Vlaar showed skipper skills before he signed

By Paul Brown

New skipper Ron Vlaar showed his captaincy skills before he even signed on the dotted line for Villa!

That's according to Marc Albrighton, who revealed Vlaar put his medical on hold to reassure the young winger that he'd come back strong from his broken foot.

Albrighton has masses of respect for the new skipper, hailing him as a role model for every young player in the dressing room.

He said: "First up, Ron is a great footballer. He's been absolutely brilliant since he's come in.

"Second, he's a role model to the young players - in every way. Everything he does is just so professional.

"He helps the lads, he talks to you, he's just amazing to be honest.

"He's been great with me. He came in the first day and he hadn't even signed. He was on his way to the medical and he saw me in the gym with his cast on and he took time to come over to me and chat.

"He even put his medical on hold to talk to me. He was asking what I had done, how long I had been out for, when I was coming back.

"Then he started telling me how I'd be fine and come through the other side fine.

"For someone to do that is fantastic."

Just as the players have taken to Vlaar, so have the fans as they sing "Ooh Aah Ron Vlaar" in the same way they use to celebrate the skills of Paul McGrath.

It's a tribute that delights Vlaar himself.

He said: "I didn't know before that it was the same song they had for Paul.

"But that's nice to hear. I didn't expect that, but it gives me a good feeling.

"We've got a lot of new players so we've got to give good signs on the pitch and with the right spirit and good aggression we can become a team that's hard to beat.

"The manager said he wants players that are hungry that really want to improve every day and I think we're making good steps with that.

"It was a great win at Man City, a great performance from the lads and let's bring that form into Sunday's match against West Brom."

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