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Newcastle v Villa player preview: Ireland the risk-taker!

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Newcastle v Villa player preview: Ireland the risk-taker!

By Paul Brown

Stephen Ireland believes he's the man to feed Darren Bent - because he's a risk-taker.

Midfield ace Ireland is confident he can provide the "penetration" for Villa as they search a cutting-edge in the final third.

Ireland says he's not in the side to provide "safe passes" but to play in the likes of Bent.

He said: "I feel I can be that man who can find the penetration needed.

"I want to be the player to take risks. I am not the player who's there to play safe passes. That's not my game and that's not what I want to become.

"At certain points a third pass could come off and then people forget about those first two passes that you gave away. That's the way I look at things.

"Darren's movement is brilliant. He's fantastic to play with. It makes my job easier when he's making his runs for me.

"It's my job to supply it and I know he'll finish if I give him a chance.

"Getting Darren Bent off the mark with a goal against Tranmere was brilliant for him and his confidence.

"It's important because we rely on him a lot because he's a great player. His goals are important to us.

"It's my job to supply him as much as I can. I know nine out of ten times he's going to finish it."

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