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Albrighton: Lichaj looking to serve up a treat on and off the pitch

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Albrighton: Lichaj looking to serve up a treat on and off the pitch

By Paul Brown

Marc Albrighton says versatility is a major strength for Eric Lichaj on the pitch - but not in the kitchen!

Albrighton is a big fan of Lichaj and believes he can really show his worth with manager Paul Lambert next season.

Albrighton thinks Lichaj can excel in a number of roles, on top of his favoured right-back berth.

But he says the USA ace's big problem is he can't cook up a number of dishes off the pitch!

He said: "Obviously he keeps going on about his steaks and they are very nice, I must admit. He puts a hell of a lot of effort into them! I think you've got to give him 10 out of 10 for preparation.

"He gets them ready the night before if he knows he's having guests or a big do. He makes sure they're all marinated and puts them in the fridge. Then the next day they're ready to be eaten.

"Then he'll give it the 'Oh this didn't take much effort. I just cooked it up.'

"I'd give him 8 out of 10 for taste. They're decent. I like them medium/well done and he cooks them up well for me.

"People often say things like 'if he wasn't a footballer, he's be a good this and that.' But Eric wouldn't make a good chef. Sorry to say that.

"He's only got a couple of dishes in his locker. He needs to surprise us all with a few more in his armoury. He needs to work on his versatility. He needs more range, definitely.

"On the pitch though, he's top quality. He's a top footballer. I have said this ever since he came to the club, all the way through the youth, reserves and now the seniors.

"He's versatile. He can right-back, left-back, centre-back, he can play centre midfield, right midfield, left midfield. He can play anywhere.

"He's done a great job wherever he's been put. I remember him taking his chance against Tottenham and he dealt with Gareth Bale superbly two seasons ago and then he had a tough time against Manchester City and was taken out of the team. That was unlucky for him.

"That set him back but last season whenever he came in, which he did towards the back end of the season, he did a great job for the side.

"Hopefully he can push on now and go from strength to strength this season."

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