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Lambert to switch dugouts at Villa Park to harness Holte End power

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Lambert  to switch dugouts at Villa Park to harness Holte End power

By Paul Brown

Paul Lambert wants to harness the power of the Holte End - and one of his first moves will be to switch dugouts at Villa Park.

Lambert is seeking a close connection with the supporters by aiming for positive attacking football next season.

And he believes tapping into the passion of supporters in the stronghold of the Holte End will really get all four sides of the stadium rocking in unison.

The new boss has requested that the home team's staff and subs are situated in the dugout closest to the Holte End, with the away side's party switched to the opposite side.

It may be just the matter of six yards but, for Lambert, it is more symbolic, strengthening the relationship he intends to forge with supporters, which goes to the very core of his philosophies.

He said: "The Holte End will be vital to us. That's the traditional area where you get the place rocking - and the rest of the stadium will bounce off that.

"Villa Park is tremendous. When I came here with Norwich early season the place was really vibrant.

"If you can get it going, it's undoubtedly one of the great places to play football. No question.

"It's a great arena and the noise it can generate is terrific.

"The history of the club dictates you have to be ready. It's something I am really looking forward to.

"It's an incredible football club, with the history and tradition it has. It has a fanbase that is huge and I will do my utmost to make it successful. We will give it everything we've got to get that crowd going.

"We want to play the right way too. We don't want to sit off and wait for teams to do something against us. We will try everything we can to get on the front foot. Hopefully the crowd will go with it.

"I am sure they will come in their thousands and we have to give them something back.

"If that happens and we get the team performing then hopefully we will be fine.

"I know the expectancy level at this football club because of the amount of people who come and watch us. That's normal and something I am not worried about.

"I can't wait to get going and I will certainly need the crowd to give me a hand. The players will need that too. I want the fans and the players bouncing off each other.

"It's a new season - the last one is forgotten - and we move on. I want to get this place going."

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By @AVFCOfficial 8th June 2012
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