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Weimann: Squad will return in top shape because of fitness plans

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Weimann: Squad will return in top shape because of fitness plans

By Dan Harrison

Andreas Weimann expects Villa's squad to hit the ground running when they report back for pre-season training thanks to individual summer fitness regimes set out by Adrian Lamb.

The club's fitness guru has produced individually-tailored programmes for Villa's players to keep them in top shape during the close season.

Weimann's personal regime has been adapted to take into consideration the knee ligament injury he is currently nursing.

As well as exercise schedules, the players have also been given nutritional guidance.

"I think everyone gets a different one because we've all got different things we need to work on," said Weimann.

"He gives you a diet plan. Obviously you don't have to go on a proper diet, but you just have to be careful with what you eat.

"You don't train as much as you would in the season, so you have to watch what you are eating and drinking.

"He has also given us a fitness programme with a few runs and weight sessions and stuff like that.

"It's all individually set for each player. We've all got a different one.

"He has given us all a nutritional guide, but I think he's got to wait for my exact fitness plan, because he's got to speak to the doctor to see what I can do with my injury and stuff like that.

"I'll probably do a lot of leg weights to get my knee stronger."

Weimann says the gruelling first day of pre-season training will give the players an extra incentive to stay in shape over the summer.

"It's hard when you come back, we get the programmes, so you don't come back properly unfit, but the first day is always the hardest," he added.

"Just mentally going there thinking 'It's going to be tough'.

"Not within the first day, but within the first week they'll measure your bodyfat and your fitness."

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