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Albrighton: Keane is a right bossy-boots on the pitch

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Albrighton: Keane is a right bossy-boots on the pitch

By Paul Brown

Marc Albrighton says Robbie Keane is a right bossy-boots on the pitch - and he wouldn't want it any other way.

Albrighton is enjoying Keane's hands-on approach with the team during games, with the experienced striker barking out orders like a manager.

Villa's wing ace thinks this on-field organisation is of major benefit to the team.

He said: "I was watching Goals on Sunday the day after the Wolves match and it was interesting to listen to Chris Kamara's comments about Keano.

"He made the point that Keano was almost performing a manager's role on the pitch with the other lads.

"He was telling everyone where to go and where to pass it. That's something he's definitely bringing to the side.

"If he can keep doing that and keep banging in the goals, we'll all be delighted."

Keane still has plenty to offer on the pitch before he even considers a coaching or management role, of course.

Albrighton says Keane's quality is "unbelievable" with the deep-lying forward's vision a standout trait.

He added: "Robbie thinks one step ahead of everyone else. Not only does he see the pass before everyone else, he has the ability to execute it too.

"He's never played really as a target man, as such, he drops off into gaps and little pockets of space and he can punish people from finding these areas.

"He has the ability to thread the balls through to people like Benty, Gabby, Charles and myself and if he doesn't do that and decides to shoot instead, we've all seen what happens then!

"He can only help our team and he certainly did that on Saturday.

"But he's not only a great person to play with he's also a nice guy to have around the place too.

"The young boys look up to him and know they can learn from him. To be training with a player with the wealth of experience like Keano is just brilliant."

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