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Bannan backs festive anti drink-driving campaign

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Bannan backs festive anti drink-driving campaign

Barry Bannan has linked up with West Midlands Police to support and refocus attention on the Christmas Campaign to stop drink/drug driving.

The month-long operation will see all uniformed officers targeting offending drivers across the region.

Numerous high visible static check points will be set up in all of the local authority areas to check on drivers who have been drinking that day or the night before.

In previous campaigns, officers have breathalysed more than 3,000 drivers in a month.

All of those involved in road traffic collisions who have committed moving traffic offences or who are suspected of having alcohol or drugs in their systems will be stopped and checked during the campaign.

Those arrested for drink-driving may also find themselves drug-tested as part of the drug interventions programme run by West Midlands Police.

Bannan was only too happy to lend his support for the festive campaign after he was handed an 18-month driving ban and fined £4,500 last month for drink-driving.

Bannan said: "Drink-driving is a very serious offence and, as I said at the time, there is no excuse for what I did. I'm genuinely sorry.

"The club was very supportive of me and I wanted to help in some way and, by focusing attention on the West Midlands Police Christmas Campaign to prevent drink/drug driving on the region's roads, I hope I can contribute to greater safety this Christmas for everybody."

Inspector Greg Jennings, who is leading the initiative, added: "Christmas, sadly, is a peak time for death and serious injury on the roads.

"We will be working throughout the festive period to keep the public safe.

"Around 5% of all deaths and serious injuries on the road involve a driver who is over the limit. Casualties have reduced significantly since campaigns began in the 1970s but, nevertheless, around 250 lives are lost nationally each year.

"There is a hardcore of older repeat offenders as well as younger drivers, who are difficult to influence and prevent from offending.

"There are still too many people who think it's fine to drink and drive. The truth is, the only safe level of drinking when you are planning to drive is zero because any amount of alcohol will impair your ability to drive safely."

By @AVFCOfficial 20th December 2011
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