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Harry Potter star Bradley: Villa Park is truly magical

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Harry Potter star Bradley: Villa Park is truly magical

By Paul Brown

Actor David Bradley has encountered the magic of Hogwarts in all eight Harry Potter movies - but he says there's still nothing that makes him tingle quite like Villa Park.

Bradley played caretaker Argus Filch in every single movie in the blockbuster franchise and got to sample the iconic and gigantic Great Hall every day in filming.

He says that was always a thrill - just as sampling the awesome atmosphere of his favourite football ground.

He told AVTV: "I love Villa Park. It's majestic. I love it especially during night matches. The grass is greener and the shirts look more claret.

"Everything is highlighted under the floodlights and it just feels like pure theatre.

"You never know the end either - so it's always a thriller!

"I am just always aware of the theatrical nature of this stadium - it has that history behind it and you always get that tingle when you come here.

"There's always that sense of anticipation.

"In terms of the awesomeness of the venue, that tingle I get going into the Great Hall on the Harry Potter set, I certainly get it coming to Villa Park too."

Bradley, who also appeared in Hot Fuzz, Captain America and many plays for the world-famous Royal Shakespeare Company, also likens the "team spirit" among actors before a performance with the dressing room togetherness for Villa before a big match.

He continued: "I am aware that when they are all working together for the same objective it's very much like actors stepping on stage together.

"You're relying on each other. You can't do it on your own. When you're all working together, that's when everything works at its best. That's certainly something I can relate to."

Bradley, of course, worked with fellow Villa fan Oliver Phelps on all the Harry Potter films - and he says Villa was always a source of conversation - much to the annoyance of Oliver's twin brother James, who supports Blues.

He added: "I saw Oliver and James on the Potter set for 10 years. I would occasionally go in on the Monday and think I was talking to Oliver when in fact I was talking to James.

"I'd say 'what a great result for Villa' and I'd get a stare back and realise it wasn't Oliver at all. He'd say 'I think you've got the wrong man'.

"Even now I can't tell them apart. It's amazing."

Bradley is no "fair weather fan".

His love of Villa goes back many years and he been to Wembley for all the recent cup finals - even sporting a banner saying 'Stratford upon Avon Supporters Club' in 1996 for the win over Leeds.

The 69-year-old is also a close friend - and neighbour - of Dion Dublin.

Watch his exclusive interview now on AVTV.

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Click here to watch him talk about his claret and blue passion.

By @AVFCOfficial 14th November 2011
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