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Venables: Young and Bent class in new England formation

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Venables: Young and Bent class in new England formation

By Paul Brown

Terry Venables believes England's attacking future is three-mendous - with Ashley Young and Darren Bent vital cogs in the new triple threat up front.

Venables believes Three Lions supremo Fabio Capello has "taken off England's straitjacket" by ditching the tried and tested 4-4-2 and giving 4-3-3 a try against Wales.

Young and Bent were outstanding alongside Wayne Rooney in the front three and Venables, a respected tactical giant of the game, insists they both have a big future with their country.

Young won man of the match after having a hand in both goals - the second powered home by Bent.

Venables believes the stunning new system works to the strengths of Young, adding that England "have no other attacking player like him."

He said: "The front three against Wales were excellent. We had three players, each different with their own unique attributes and yet they worked together in almost perfect harmony.

"Some have said Wayne must play down the middle to get the best out of him. Yet he showed against Wales that he can play a touch wide in a front three as he swapped the right and left with Ashley, who was outstanding.

"I have long championed the England cause of Ashley and against Wales he proved me right. We have no other attacking player like him and this formation fits him perfectly.

"He can play left, right or, if need be, through the centre. Saying that, I think that berth may now be filled by his Villa colleague Darren after his display at the Millennium Stadium.

"Darren has always been better playing on the shoulder of a centre-back and 4-3-3 gave him licence to do just that.

"It would not be difficult to tweak this system either using the same players in attack. You could just move Darren out wide so he and Wayne play just inside the opposing full-backs and switch Ashley inside to a central and deeper role, giving the two centre-backs nobody to mark and a dilemma about whether to go out and mark him or let one of the midfielders pick him up.

"That would create confusion and space in the centre which could be exploited by Wayne and Darren, as well as Frank and Jack."

Watch the post-match thoughts of Darren in the video player above.

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