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Makoun shocked following Delph's delivery of red card news

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Makoun shocked following Delph's delivery of red card news

By Paul Brown

Jean II Makoun thought Fabian Delph was kidding in the dressing room when he told him a red card carried a three match ban, admitting: "It felt like I'd never play again!"

Makoun was gobsmacked when the midfield maestro advised him of the bad news after the Blackpool game.

It was a shock because dismissals on the continent are only punished with a one game suspension.

Makoun admitted it's been really tough to watch on for the past two weeks as he's been eager to get out on the pitch to help the team.

But he's just glad to be back now - and ready to show his best for Villa.

He said: "I am feeling really good. Everything has gone well since I've been here - apart from my red card, of course.

"In France, if you're sent off it's a one-match ban, with perhaps another match added in too. When I first heard it was three games, I thought 'what, you're joking?'

"It really upset me. It was after the match in the dressing room. Fabian told me 'you're now out for three games' and I said 'no, no.' I thought 'am I ever going to play again?' I couldn't believe it.

"I am absolutely raring to go now. I felt really bad after the red card. I had put lots of effort into getting used to the game here and being ready to put the work in for Villa.

"I felt after the red card like I was no use. It was really hard to take. It was really upsetting because above all else I want to contribute and help the team.

"It happened so quickly.I was just starting to get the rhythm of the game in this country and suddenly it was cut short for three matches.

"I am not a good spectator either. I don't like watching games because it winds me up. I prefer to be out there on the pitch and helping. I don't even like watching on television either.

"Now I am raring to go. I can't wait to get started again. I want to make a big impact on the team. It's seemed like an eternity. I have been waiting patiently.

"We're finally there now. I am prepared for the next game now, which is a tough match against Wolves."

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By @AVFCOfficial 14th March 2011
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