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Boxing fan Young hoping Villa punch above their weight

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Boxing fan Young hoping Villa punch above their weight

By Paul Brown

Luke Young says it might have been more right-hook and less right-back if he'd discovered his passion for boxing at an earlier age.

Young has developed a real love of watching and reading about life in the ring and wishes he'd joined a boxing club when he was younger.

His particular zeal is the middleweight division of the 1980s and the iconic figures of 'Marvellous' Marvin Hagler, Thomas 'Hitman' Hearns and 'Hands of Stone' Roberto Duran.

Hagler was the undisputed world middleweight champion between 1980 and 1987 while knockout ace Hearns won eight world titles in six different weight divisions. Duran, meanwhile, fought in five different decades.

Just like his heroes, Young hopes Villa can go the distance and deliver a knockout punch on their rivals in the upper echelons of the Barclays Premier League.

He said: "I was never a member of a boxing club when I was younger but I wish I had been.

"It was too late by the time I realised I enjoyed it. I've done a bit on pads but I wish I'd done more as a kid.

"My brother used to watch boxing a lot. I've read books on Hagler, Hearns and Duran. That middleweight era fascinated me.

"They were all massive names and they were all fighting each other.

"Since then I've always followed boxing. I buy The Ring Magazine and Boxing Monthly and stuff like that.

"I always try to keep up to date with what's happening. I enjoy it. I've got a lot of respect for them.

"It's a one on one contest. The hype and the talk that they give and then suddenly they're in the ring and it comes down to a fight."

Young has no intention of following in the footsteps of former England U21 star Curtis Woodhouse, however, who swapped a career in football for one in boxing.

He continued: "I know Curtis from the U21s and he's a good lad. He was a good player as well at left-back.

"He's done well in the boxing world."

Young has not sampled boxing in the bright lights of Vegas just yet but he does harbour an ambition to take in the glitz and glamour of fight night in the party capital once his football career is over.

Saying that, it's not the razzmatazz that excites the defender, it's more the honesty of a great contest.

He added: "I've not been to Vegas. I will do when my career is finished football-wise. I've been to watch Ricky Hatton a few times though. Watching Floyd Mayweather train, you can't believe how quick he is putting the combinations together. It is unbelievable.

"I think boxing needs to match up the best fighters in the world a little more.That's my point of view.

"A lot of the time it's all about names at the minute. They'll get a fighter who's about 40 but is a name and put him up against someone else and put in on pay per view and it's not really a great contest but makes a lot of money.

"I think people want to see the best fighters. The 'super six' is as close as we've come.

"It's good for the game and shows they're not shirking anyone, which is what the fans want to see."

By @AVFCOfficial 17th October 2010
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