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Beye's honest appraisal after upsetting Rapid result

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Beye's honest appraisal after upsetting Rapid result

By Paul Brown

Habib Beye shouldered responsibility for two of Rapid's three goals in his honest appraisal of Villa's Europa League play-off exit.

Despite hitting the volley which led to Emile Heskey scoring Villa's second goal, Beye was self-critical after the 3-2 defeat on the night and upset that Villa couldn't capitalise on their terrific first leg result in Vienna.

He said Villa were very much in the driving seat ahead of the Villa Park clash, after their 1-1 draw at the Gerhard Hanappi Stadium - but ultimately were unable to kick on after their impressive first half display in the decisive second leg.

He said: "I think everyone is disappointed because I think we had a great result in Austria. This game was open for us.

"We were 1-0 up and we are really disappointed now and really sad because it was really important for everyone to get into Europe and we failed again. But we have to take it.

"I have been involved for two goals. But sometimes it is like that in football. You want to do your best and it doesn't work.

"I gave the ball away for the third goal and I left the first one when they equalised so I was responsible for two goals and I put my hands up.

"I am sorry for the boys because I think I was responsible for two goals. What can I say?

"You just put your hands up and say you are responsible. But now I have to move on.

"It is in the past and I am really disappointed for everyone because I think everyone worked really hard.

"You just move on and try to work every day and be professional. That is what you have to do."

By @AVFCOfficial 27th August 2010
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