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Trezeguet thankful for fans' support

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Trezeguet thankful for fans' support

Trezeguet is thankful for the support he has received during his debut season in England.

The break in action has given the Egyptian a chance to reflect on his first season of Premier League football.

There have been ups and downs through the campaign so far, but Trezeguet is thankful of the support he has received from fans around the world regardless of results.

He said: “I thank Aston Villa fans for standing with us and I will do everything I can to make them happy.

“I also thank the Egyptian people for their continuous support, I’d like to tell them that I did not achieve this on my own and I hope my future success is not considered my own but a success for the whole of Egypt.

“I promise that I will do my best every day to make them and my country proud.”

The 25-year-old is missing football but says he has used this time to grow closer to his family.

And while no decisions have yet been made about the resumption of the Premier League, Trezeguet is trying to remain positive.

“It's tough because you are off-work and not doing the thing you love which is playing football,” he said.

“You want to train, play matches, go the club, and face daily challenges. This has its effects naturally. 

“However, there is a positive side as you get to spend more time with your family and get closer to them."


The winger is working hard to maintain his fitness levels from home, but this has presented challenges since the holy month of Ramadan began on 23 April.

For 30 days, Trezeguet and Muslims around the world must abstain from eating or drinking from dawn until sunset – particularly challenging in the UK as the days grow longer as we head into summer.

“It is very tough because as the day is very long here,” he said.

“When my family in Egypt are breaking the fast, I am still praying the afternoon prayer here.There is an extra three to four hours of fasting between here and Egypt, but you have to maintain your health and your weight all the time.

“Our body is our asset as footballers. Particularly in this period because we stay at home most of time, you have to watch your weight and health.”

Greg  Styles
By @GregStyles91 17th May 2020