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Ticket Office and Phone Lines: Opening Times

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Ticket Office and Phone Lines: Opening Times

Week commencing 16th December 2019

Monday 16th to Wednesday 18th: Phone lines & counter (9am-5pm)

Thursday 19th: Phones lines & counter (9.30am-5pm)

Friday 20th: Phone lines & counter (9am-5pm)

Saturday 21st: Phone lines & counter (9am-4pm) 

Week commencing 23rd December 2019

Monday 23rd: Phone lines & counter (9am-5pm)

Tuesday 24th (Christmas Eve): CLOSED

Wednesday 25th (Christmas Day): CLOSED

Thursday 26th (Boxing Day): Phone lines (9am-3pm), Ticket office (9am-3.45pm)

Friday 27th: Phone lines & counter (9am-5pm)

Saturday 28th: Phone lines & counter (9am-4pm)

Sunday 29th: CLOSED

Week commencing 30th December 2019

Monday 30th: Business as usual

Tuesday 31st: Business as usual

Wednesday 1st January 2020 (New Years Day): CLOSED

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By @AVFCOfficial 5th December 2019