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One on One: Trezeguet on World Cup pride, countryman Elmo, learning the language and the Villa faithful

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One on One: Trezeguet on World Cup pride, countryman Elmo, learning the language and the Villa faithful

Trezeguet sat down to answer a host of questions.

Check out his answers below.

Q] How much are you enjoying playing for Aston Villa?

"I am loving it! It’s a huge club, a good team and terrific supporters. I think the fans are amazing – always positive.

"They support us at the game if we win, lose or draw. They are always with us. I always want to make them happy and I hope we do lots of times between now and the end of the season."

Q] What are your impressions of Villa Park?

"I had heard of Villa Park before I joined and I was looking forward to calling it my home.

"I have not been disappointed. It’s incredible. Every game feels like a big game because Villa Park is always full, loud and exciting. It’s a great experience to be part of."


Q] What is your favourite moment so far?

"Obviously people will say my first goal – and from a personal perspective it was great but we didn’t win the game.

"I think more for the team. For that reason, I would pick the late win against Brighton. I think you can see how happy I was – I was the first person to celebrate with Matty. It was a great moment – and a big win at that point in the season.

"The best feeling was that the fans went home happy. This is the best emotion in football."

Q] How much has Elmo helped you settle?

"Yes a lot. He said ‘do this, do that, do this’ – the basic things you need when you are in a new environment. He helped me with a lot of things."

Q] Are you having English lessons?

"Yes I am, but I can speak English already – just not perfect! I have been in my country for many years, then I went to Belgium and obviously spoke French and then Turkey for three years.

"Now I am better than when I joined. It’s definitely improving!"


Q] What player has impressed you most?

"Not one player! There is a squad here. It’s not just about an individual. If we want to be successful here, we need everyone.

"They can all make the difference. You don’t get anywhere alone."

Q] Who was your hero as a boy?

"It was the Brazilian Ronaldo. What a player he was! He was my favourite player. He was a great, great striker.

"When I was young, I was a striker for nine years. I followed him and used to watch all the videos of him. I learned a lot from him. He scored one goal for Barcelona where he got pulled back but still went past player after player to score. I remember Bobby Robson’s expression on the touchline. He was like ‘wow, how has he scored that.'"


Q] Has anything surprised you about Aston Villa?

"I used to speak to Elmo in the national team and I always used to say to him ‘I want to come to the Premier League and I want to join Aston Villa.

"It was a team I have always liked. I used to think ‘I’d like to join that club.’ Elmo used to smile but isn’t it amazing that we are both here now. When I used to watch the Premier League in Egypt, I always used to follow Aston Villa. It was a club I admired and liked."

Q] How good was it to play in the 2018 World Cup considering the years it took for Egypt to qualify for the tournament?

"It was the best feeling of my football life, actually. We were 1-1 in the final qualifying match and I was fouled for the penalty in the 93rd minute which Mo Salah scored. That was unbelievable. I helped my country reach a World Cup after many, many years of waiting."

Q] How did Al Ahly help you become the player you are today?

"Yes a lot. It is a big team in the Arab world. I was proud to play there for 14 years. We won a lot of championships there.

"They helped me a lot. They created a great mindset for me – you must win, you cannot lose, you must keep working hard, never give up. It was a great grounding in football."

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By @AVFCOfficial 7th November 2019