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Bjorn Engels: My girlfriend’s family are all Liverpool fans – but they will want me to win!

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Bjorn Engels: My girlfriend’s family are all Liverpool fans – but they will want me to win!

Bjorn Engels has revealed that his girlfriend and her immediate family are all massive Liverpool fans – but he’s confident they’ll be backing him on Saturday.

Engels has been having fun with them on text message all week as he now gets set for the real business of taking on the league leaders for the 3pm kick-off.

Despite their affiliation, he thinks they’ll secretly be hoping for a positive claret and blue result.

He told us: “My girlfriend is from Liverpool – her whole family is. And they are all Reds, too!

“We have been joking about things in the build-up. This is normal. 

“I think Aston Villa is the only team who can beat Liverpool and they won’t be too upset! 

“If we win, I think there will be no problem. They love Liverpool. Of course, when you are born with a team, that is who you support. But I think they will be happy for me if we get a good result. 

“My girlfriend has come to a lot of Aston Villa games since I joined and she has been impressed – especially with the fans. 

“She has told me many times how good the fans are here at this club. She really looks forward to the home games. She loves the atmosphere. She goes to some of the away games, too.  

“Despite this being against Liverpool – her team – she’s already told me she will be supporting me. Don’t worry about that.”

EngelsLiverpool2On the challenge of Jurgen Klopp’s Reds, he added: “I respect Liverpool. But you can’t show too much on the pitch because otherwise I believe your game goes down. 

“It will be a difficult game but I think, as the fans see every game, we will fight in every minute. We will give everything we have got for ourselves, for the fans and for the club. 

“I have a lot of trust in our team. It will be a tough game but I believe it will be a difficult game for them too. They will have respect for us, also.

“You live for these type of games, definitively.  It’s one of the best teams in the world – and they have one of the best trio of forwards in the world. 

“How can you not look forward to these games? You must! I can’t wait.”

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Paul Brown
By @paulbrownavfc 31st October 2019