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George Boateng: I've been away, but always stayed close

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George Boateng: I've been away, but always stayed close

New U18 Assistant Coach George Boateng says he has always remained close with Aston Villa since leaving as a player back in 2002.

Our former midfielder spend three years with us from 1999, playing over 100 times and achieving milestones such as reaching the FA Cup Final.

Back at the club and embarking on his coaching career, Boateng sat down for a wide-ranging interview about his new role, while also reflecting on those playing days.

In part two of that discussion, he says he has always stayed close to the club, despite having left 17 years ago.

He said: "It's a club that even when I left I kept in touch with.

"That's been with people running the club, the likes of Ian Taylor in his ambassador role and Gareth Barry and Lee Hendrie at various points.

"I've been away, but I've always stayed connected with Aston Villa.

"It was always a wish for me to play here – from the moment I stepped onto the pitch against Villa for Coventry.

"We had really good players in my time here and it was the right move at the right time for me."

Dan Connor
By @danconnor 12th September 2019