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Getting to Know Me: Mel Johnson

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Getting to Know Me: Mel Johnson

In our new feature series, we find out more about all our players across all groups.

We continue with Aston Villa Women’s summer signing Mel Johnson, who’s scored three goals in the opening two games of the FA Women’s Championship campaign.

Q: Tell us about your background – and how you joined the club?

In 2017/18, I played for Sheffield and then joined Leicester for the following campaign. 

I had previously met the Head Coach Gemma Davies and she’s a person I respect on and off the pitch.

When Aston Villa came in for that made my decision to join a much easier one.

Q: Who has helped you get to this stage the most?

My parents have always pushed me from when I started playing as a young girl. 

My dad has helped me the most and I’m very grateful for this. He’s guided me throughout my career.

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given so far?

The best piece of advice I’ve been given is actually a quote at the moment which I really like “motivate the mind, the body will follow”.

Also my dad always tells me to enjoy the game.

Q: Your verdict on the Head Coach?

Gemma is great. 

She is approachable, she listens and advises me on how to become a better player. 

She has faith in me and allows me to do what I do best.

Q: What are your impressions of the football club? 

The two words I’d use are - positive and exciting. 

I still feel overwhelmed. I am enjoying things here.

The coaches, players and fans are great. It’s a club that has ambition and wants to move forward towards promotion.

Q: Where do you play?

I’m a striker.

Q: What’s your style of play?

I would describe myself as a striker who likes the ball in behind, running on to it. 

It’s about quick football and driving forward.


Q: What are your biggest strengths on the pitch?

I think a strength on the pitch for myself is my movement to get into scoring opportunities.

Also hitting the target and scoring goals.

Q: Any areas you’re working on or need to work on? 

I think it’s important to continue to learn and try new things so I’m always working hard to improve on certain areas that need touching up or working on more.

Q: What kind of personality are you off the pitch? 

I think off the pitch I come across as quite a shy and reserved person initially.

But I think you’ll have to ask the team if that’s changed! 

Q: Who’s your best mate in the squad?

It’s nice how well the team get on in such a short time already. 

I get on with all the players.

We have some comedians – and also a rapper in the team. 

But I do feel like Sian Rogers is my twin. We have so much in common!

Q: Do you have a goal celebration?

My first goal of the season celebration traditionally goes to my dad and I celebrate with him.

After that, it generally varies but Nadine Hanssen has just agreed to start doing knee slides with me!

Q: Your hopes for the 2019/20 season?

My hopes for the season are to continue to enjoy playing football, score goals to help the team win games and hopefully everything else will follow in our bid for promotion.

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Paul Brown
By @paulbrownavfc 7th September 2019