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Dean’s Debrief: Smith on bad start, McGinn energy, Luiz goal and big support

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Dean’s Debrief: Smith on bad start, McGinn energy, Luiz goal and big support
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Head Coach Dean Smith met the press following his team’s 2-1 home defeat to Bournemouth.

His views in full are below.

On the bad start…

It was the first minute of the game and we gave a needless penalty away. 

The lad is going nowhere and Tom comes out and does something he would never do normally. That puts you on the back foot straight away.

Then we make a mistake, with a square pass in midfield, Dougie lets it go and Harry Wilson lets fly from 30 yards and it deflects in.

That’s 2-0 down in 10 minutes in our first Premier League game at home. That was a hard place to start from.

But after that I thought we grew into the game. We reset ourselves well and got on the front foot. 

On McGinn effort...

I thought John McGinn drove us forward. He played very well. 

And we had chances. John had one from the edge of the box. 

We had a lot of possession in and around there, too. 

But I don’t think our quality was there at times, especially in the final third.

On mistakes…

I don’t put it down to new players. 

Mistakes happen in almost every game. You’ll see all the goals from today and a lot of them will come from mistakes. 

They had some fortune with the second goal in deflecting off Tyrone. 

I think they’ve had a massive amount of fortune with Phil Billing staying on the pitch.

On those incidents…

He's got booked early in the first half and then he’s made a poor foul on Jack Grealish, which wasn’t given. 

Then he’s made another two poor fouls after.

He should have been sent off, there’s no doubt about that. 

But, as I said, in the second half I thought we speeded up the play a little bit and caused them problems.

It was a wonderful goal and wonderful execution from Dougie for our goal. 

But I think the game fizzled out at the end – in those final five minutes.

I thought Bournemouth managed it well. When you’re 2-0 up 10 minutes into a game at Villa Park, you can slow the game down – and they certainly did that.

Bou9On Luiz…

I wouldn’t say it was just his mistake for the goal. We know we don’t play square passes in our half.

He’s left it and let it run but then they’ve got a very big slice of fortune with the deflection.

Dougie is the sort of character who won’t let a lot bother him too much – and you could see with how he got on the ball.

I asked him at half-time to just quicken it up a little bit. I think he took one or two too many touches in the first half. 

On the application of his team…

I thought our performance was better than it was last week. 

We got plaudits for our performance at Tottenham but I thought we were poor for the final 30 minutes there. 

Today was 90 minutes of good effort, good attitude, good skills, good quality – but we’ve made two mistakes and been punished. 

JGThanksBouOn the support…

It was a really good atmosphere – and it was always going to be.

I’ve said it before that when the team play with spirit, attitude and quality, looking to score goals, the crowd will get behind them and stick with them. 

They certainly did that today – and full credit to them. 

On the plus points….

The big thing for me is we got better.

I didn’t think we were great at Tottenham but I thought we were better today. 

More of that today will get us results.

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Paul Brown
By @paulbrownavfc 17th August 2019