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One on One: Ezri Konsa on John Terry, tattoos, football hero and his initation song

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One on One: Ezri Konsa on John Terry, tattoos, football hero and his initation song

It’s time for the next edition of our ‘One on One’ Q&A feature series with claret and blue heroes past and present.

This week, it’s summer signing Ezri Konsa.

Q] What striker would you most relish facing in the Premier League?

A] That’s a good question. But I’d have to go with Sergio Aguero. 

His record is up there. He scores goals week-in and week-out. He’s a very dangerous opponent. But he’d be a great test. 

There never seems to be any off-days with him!

Q] If you could pick one, which of the new signings has impressed you most in training?

A] That’s another tough one!

I don’t think I can pick just one. The spirit and mood in the camp is good. The effort to ensure training every day is top quality is there.

There’s a good competitive edge every day and everyone knows how important it is to prepare right for every game because every match in the top-flight offers a real challenge.

All the new boys have been right at it as we all look to make our mark for the team this season.

JTOneonOneQ] Early thoughts on working with John Terry?

A] It’s been very good. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

He’s a fantastic mentor for me – and a fantastic coach.

He’s a legend of the game but I’m learning so much from him every day in training, too.

I’m really looking forward to him helping me.

Q] Has anything surprised you about Aston Villa?

A] Just how huge it is!

I knew, in my head, that it was a famous, big club but I didn’t realise the size and potential until I stepped through the door.

To see it with my own eyes – the training ground, the stadium – was amazing.

And, the fans too. Their support so far has been crazy. 

To have that many watching us in pre-season alone was incredible – and then the backing we got at Tottenham was superb, too.

It’s really fantastic to be here.

DSOneOnOneQ] How impressed have you been with Dean Smith?

A] I have worked with him before – and I am delighted to be with him again here.

The one trait that really sticks out with him is he’s really passionate. 

He cares about his players. He wants the best for us, he backs us and he wants to improve us every day. 

To want to get better and have the Head Coach striving for the same – for every player – is fantastic. 

That’s a big thing for me.

RamosOneOnOneQ] Who was your hero as a kid?

A] It was Sergio Ramos.

I used to watch Real Madrid a lot. I loved the El Classico games. They were exciting and intense. 

Ramos used to stand out for me. He’s a centre-half like me so that drew me to him. 

But he’s a leader, too, as well as defending strongly, never giving an inch and he also can score a lot of goals. 

He’s someone I looked up to growing up.

Q] Tell us about your tattoo?

A] It says ‘Blessed’. I feel like that sums up my life. 

There’s not a lot of kids who have the opportunity to do what I’m doing at such a high level.

I feel privileged. 

KonsaOneonOneQ] Dean Smith says if you keep improving, you’ll play for England one day. Is that a target?

A] Yes, of course. It’s been a goal since I was a little kid.

I used to dream of playing for England at Wembley. 

As the gaffer says, it’s all about working hard, pushing myself to the limit to get the best out of myself.

Q] If you could partner anyone in central defence in any time in history, who would it be?

A] I’d go for someone from the present day and it’d have to be Virgil van Dijk.

His last season was incredible. 

I like everything about him. He’s a good defender. He’s good with the ball. He’s physically imposing. And personality-wise, he’s a leader. He knows how to get the best out of the players around him. That’s a terrific trait to have.

He’s a brick wall. No-one seems to be able to get past him!

MingsOneonOneAQ] How impressed have you been with Tyrone Mings?

A] Very impressed!

He’s another good leader. He’s very loud on the pitch. He’s a good defender. He will do well for us this season, no question. 

I think he will continue his form from last season in the Championship into this season in the Premier League. 

Q] How do you like your steak done?

A] Well done! I don’t like seeing blood. 

Q] Talk to us about your initiation song?

A] I did Miguel ‘Adorn’.

It’s a song I’ve always liked since it came out, which was years ago.

They put me on the spot a bit. I was eating one minute. The next minute, I’m on a chair singing.I didn’t expect it, in all honesty.

I was awful! But I was happy to get it out of the way.

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