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Help Pack the Park thanks to new ticket resale system

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 Help Pack the Park thanks to new ticket resale system

Villa Park looks set to be buzzing this season – and you can absolutely ensure it thanks to our new ticket re-sale system.

Below, we reveal the ways in which you can ensure a packed-out Park if you can’t attend.

Our new system for Season Ticket Holders will allow you to securely release your seat for re-sale if you’re unable to make a game.

That ticket will then be available to purchase for other supporters through our Online Ticket Office.

This is managed through the My Account section of the site, which can be accessed by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner, once you are logged in.

You will need to register your bank account details ahead of making your first re-sale request. 

Bank details are required for us to pay supporters once the seats have been sold.

Supporters are then able to choose which matches they would like to re-sell their tickets for, provided the games are currently within the re-sale period. 

The re-sale period will be defined by us on a match-by-match basis.

Once you make your seat available for re-sale it will appear as an available seat via the Ticket Office – both online and in person/on the phone - for eligible supporters to purchase (in line with the standard sales periods for the relevant match).

Tickets that are made available for re-sale will only be able to be sold at the adult price in the price zone the seat is located - and at the category allocated to the match.

Season Ticket Holders will then only receive a payment for the seat should the seat be re-sold. 

Until the point the seat is re-sold, supporters have the right to withdraw the re-sale request, which can be done via the My Account section of the Online Ticket Office.

Season Ticket Holders will receive 80% of the value of their ticket for that match (the value of their ticket for that match is calculated at 1/19 of the price paid for the Season Ticket).

See the example below: 

- Price Zone 4 Adult Season Ticket price: £483
- Value of individual match within Season Ticket (1/19): £25.42
- Price paid to supporters once re-sale completed:  £20.34 

Payments will be made into bank accounts up to 21 days after the match has been played.

In order to maintain the integrity of the Family Zone, Blocks C8, C9, B7 and A8 are being made available only to supporters attending the game with U18s - Season Ticket Holders will not be able to re-sell their tickets in these areas.

This will ensure a rocking Villa Park and mean you’re doing your bit – when not available to attend – to back the boys in B6.

It also means you offer it up for another fan - safely and securely - while also receiving benefit back in the form of a cash refund post-match.

AVFC Official
By @AVFCOfficial 5th August 2019