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One on One: Wesley on Premier League excitement, Engels qualities, welcome from supporters and goal celebrations

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One on One: Wesley on Premier League excitement, Engels qualities, welcome from supporters and goal celebrations

It’s time for another series of ‘One on One’ Q&As with claret and blue heroes past and present.

We start with new boy, Wesley.

Q] How proud are you to be the first player from Brazil to play for Aston Villa?

A] Douglas Luiz followed soon after, remember! But yes I am very proud to be the first one. It’s a very good moment for me and my country.

I hope this can be an example for other Brazilian players to follow me here in the future.

Q] Who is the best Brazilian footballer of all-time?

A] There have been a lot!

Just look at the Brazil teams over the decades in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s. But it has to be Pele.

Why? He has won three World Cups. He is the all-time leading goalscorer with Brazil – with 77 goals in 92 games! He was voted Player of the Century in 2000. His record really does speak for itself.


Q] Do you know Douglas Luiz?

A] I don’t know him personally but I am sure I will get to know him as we play together for Aston Villa.

I know he has a good reputation and I look forward to working with him and helping Aston Villa this season and in the future. 

Q] How good is Bjorn Engels?

A] Of course, I played with Bjorn at Club Brugge and it was a good experience. I am pleased to be with him again at Aston Villa. He is a good asset for the team because of his qualities on the pitch and his personality off it.

On the field, he is a very good defender – he is very strong, very capable and very reliable. Off the pitch, he is a great guy, he has a very good personality and that is very important in any dressing room.


Q] What have been your early impressions of Jota?

A] We already have a strong bond. When I joined, he was the first person I met here. We are good friends. We get on well. It also helps that he speaks Spanish.

On the pitch, he’s been very good in pre-season. I am sure he is looking forward to this coming season with us.

Q] Have you done an initiation song yet?

A] Yes I have!

I did it on the tour of the USA. It was a song by the Brazilian artist Michel Telo. It’s called ‘Ai Se Eu Te Pego’. It was a No.1 across Europe!

I think I did well. The players didn’t comment afterwards. But they sang along with me so that must be a good sign!

Q] Do you feel pressure being the record signing?

A] No. I don’t feel the pressure. I don’t feel it at all.I have come here to do well for the team. I know what I can do. I know why I am here.


Q] What team are you most looking to playing against?

A] I’d have to say Liverpool.I have mutual friends with Allison, the goalkeeper.

As a striker, you’re also keen to test yourself against the very best defenders and, for me, Virgil van Dijk is certainly one of them so that’s another reason.

But doing a good job for Aston Villa is my number one goal.

Q] What will your celebration be when you score for the first time?

A] It’s not something I can prepare because the emotion of that moment takes over.

I definitely know it will be really great though to score my first goal for this club. It’s something I know I will enjoy and I look forward to celebrating it with our fans.

Q] How impressed have you been with the supporters?

A] You can’t not be impressed by them. They have been wonderful with me – and wonderful throughout pre-season.

I am so happy with the welcome they have shown me. Look at social media, they have messaged me a lot and wished me good luck which means a lot to me.

They have given me a lot of energy and I can’t wait to play for them when the season starts this weekend!

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Paul Brown
By @paulbrownavfc 7th August 2019