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Foundation update: School children benefitting from positivity workshop

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Foundation update: School children benefitting from positivity workshop

The Aston Villa Foundation have recently begun teaching local school children about the importance of being positive as part of the Premier League Primary Stars programme.    

Harnessing the FA’s ‘We Only Do Positive’ campaign, a Positivity Workshop has been developed to help students take a positive attitude to challenges they face inside and outside of school, using role models like England manager Gareth Southgate and Aston Villa midfielder Jack Grealish to inspire them.    

Foundation coach Amber Wassell delivered the workshop to year 5 and 6 pupils at Tame Valley Academy last week, and she believes it will make a big difference to the way young people deal with their problems.   


She said: “We’re encouraging pupils to be inspirational and never give up on challenges in life. They learn to encourage each other in the classroom and outside of school.   

“The messages we’re trying to get across are: never give up, always try your best and encourage others in the playground and during activities.   

“It’s not just for school, it’s a life skill to know how to be positive to those around them.”   

As part of the workshop, the students are taught about ‘fixed’ and ‘growth’ mindsets, encouraging them to think positively about the way they tackle problems.

In addition to Tame Valley Academy, the Foundation’s education department will be delivering the workshop to all of its partner schools.   

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Greg  Styles
By @GregStyles91 19th June 2019