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The Boss: Smith on Wembley, penalty tricks, Steer, being 'annoyed' and moments with the fans

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The Boss: Smith on Wembley, penalty tricks, Steer, being 'annoyed' and moments with the fans

Dean Smith gave his reaction to reaching the Sky Bet Championship Play-Off Final to Club TV.

His thoughts are in full below.


On reaching Wembley...

Everyone is elated to reach the Play-Off Final.

We've earned that moment, but we also know there's one game to go as well.

It was a tough night – I still can't believe we lost the game! That really annoyed me.

We didn't play great, neither did they. They weren't a threat apart from set pieces.

To get to the final given where we were 15 games ago is a great achievement. Especially for the players.

On an tense night...

We lacked a bit of quality in the final third today.

You also have to give Albion credit – they've been tough opponents for us in the last two games.

They defended for their lives and made it difficult for us.

But we deserved to win over the two legs, I believe.

On victory via penalties...

There was a lot of preparation that went into penalties.

From the point we qualified for the Play-Offs against Millwall, we've been practicing.

Jed Steer's made two great saves for us and we've scored some good penalties.


On Jed Steer's heroics...

He didn't have an awful lot to do. The ball was at the other end for most of the game.

The work he does with Neil Cutler and the other goalkeepers – it's a credit to them.

They planned what they would do in this situation. He then went and performed.

On his confidence in getting through...

I was comfortable and relaxed. I'm confident in the players.

Every time we took a penalty, Jed passed the ball to our players.

It was little details and psychological advantages that we felt could help us.

I wouldn't have wanted anyone else but Tammy Abraham taking the winning penalty, either.

I also thought of the opposition when he scored it. It's never a nice way to lose a game.

Commiserations to Albion.


On the moments with our supporters at the finish...

They were tremendous.

I've been one of them in that end and really enjoyed it. I also really enjoyed my time with them tonight.

It meant more tonight as a Play-Off semi-final and also a local rivalry.

We've given them something to be pleased about.

We've got one to go and it'll be tough whoever it is.

On the next 12 days...

We've got a few days off to go and relax now.

I had a plan if we didn't make it and a plan if we did.

I'm glad it's the latter I'm implementing!


On a Wembley final with Aston Villa...

We've not done anything yet.

But if you'd offered us the Play-Off Final 15 games ago, I'd have bitten your hand off!

Dan Connor
By @danconnor 15th May 2019