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One on One: Jed Steer on run as No.1, Norwich City background, Shay Given respect and Mike Bassett

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One on One: Jed Steer on run as No.1, Norwich City background, Shay Given respect and Mike Bassett

We spoke to Jed Steer this week in the latest edition of our ‘One on One’ feature series.

Check out his answers to a host of questions below.

Q] Your connection to Mike Bassett: England Manager – explain?

A] Ha ha! Yes!

My girlfriend’s dad is the newsreader at the beginning of the film when Norwich win the Mr Clutch Cup. 

Even if he wasn’t in it, it would still be one of my favourite movies! It’s a classic!

He got invited to the red carpet event to launch the film but he declined because he didn’t feel the 20 seconds he was in it warranted him going.

But, yes, what a film!

GivenSteerOneonOneQ] How good was Shay Given to work with?

A] He was absolutely brilliant!

At that age, being able to work with Shay, I was able to learn so much on the pitch – but just as much off the pitch as well.

As a professional, what he did to prepare himself for training and games was something that I still do now. He had a big effect on me.

He’s a goalkeeping legend. So what an honour for me to be able to work with him on a day-to-day basis. I really enjoyed it.

BanksTributeGQ] How proud to be involved in the tribute game to Gordon Banks – and did you ever meet him?

A] What a great send-off it was that day. And fully deserved.

Obviously, with us playing Stoke City – one of his former clubs – I knew there’d be a memorial happening but I didn’t realise prior to warming up that I was going to be a part of it, laying a wreath on behalf of the club.

It was a real honour. I thought it was really nice that the two goalkeepers on the day were both English. And, of course, Jack Butland wore the throwback top, which was also a lovely touch.

I never got to meet Gordon but I’ve got to say – what a save that was to deny Pele! How on earth did he get enough on that to put it over the bar! 

Kalinic10Q] Impressions of Lovre Kalinic?

A] It’s tough joining any new club – whether that’s permanently, on loan – and especially when it’s a new country.

But we’ve eased him in as a goalkeeping union and we work closely every day in training – we play darts together off the pitch in the changing room!

I have certainly helped him settle in.

Q] How would you sum up your time in claret and blue?

A] I came here as a very young goalkeeper, learning my trade – and I still am.

I had my loan spells away, which were great. I got my games in.

The last couple of years have been very stop-start for me. I had a couple of serious injuries but, in all honesty, they’ve only made me stronger mentally. 

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Going out to Charlton did me the world of good. It got me going again. 

I’d not played continuous football before that point since I was at Huddersfield. Working with Andy Marshall down there, he really got me firing.

Coming back here and working with the management team has been top drawer. I’ve now managed to get into the team. I’ve loved it. 

We’ve picked up some really good points. I want to stay in the team, of course – that’s my aim.

SteerGKNo1Q] How difficult can it be to be a No.2 goalkeeper?

A] At the end of the day, everyone wants to play.

When you’re the second choice, there’s obviously a goalkeeper playing in front of you. 

But, while that’s the case, I’ve always been the type of character to want to show people – manager, goalkeeping coach, coaching staff – that I can play and I want to be No.1.

You can either sulk about it that you’re not playing or you can embrace it and look to improve every day in your ambition to become the No.1.

That’s what I have done since I have been back here. I also knew coming back here and working with Cutts that I would improve – and I definitely have.I have enjoyed it. 

I always think if I can improve by 0.1% every day, they all add up. That’s my mindset when I go to Bodymoor Heath every morning. 

JSThumbsUpQ] Working with Neil Cutler – what makes him a top goalkeeping coach?

A] He’s superb! He’s one of the very best I have worked with. 

His ability to go into the finer details, his approachability – being able to go up and ask questions and advice – that’s all massive to me.

It’s not just me though, he’s made us all better as a group. 

I can’t speak highly enough of him and the impact he’s made.

Q] You supported Norwich City as a kid – how good for us to follow them into the Premier League?

A] That would be fantastic.

Norwich are my hometown club and I always want to see them do well. 

Obviously my focus is on us going up. If we can follow them into the Premier League, I’d be delighted. 

EVDSQ] Hero as a kid?

A] I’d say Edwin van der Sar. 

Growing up, he had a massive influence on me as I watched him doing his stuff.

As an all-round goalkeeper, he was superb. He was good with his feet, confident, good shot-stopper – and his presence and confidence oozed through the team.

The effect he had on the players around him – even in games when he didn’t have much to do – was huge. That’s a good trait to have as a goalkeeper. 

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Paul Brown
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