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One on One: Kortney Hause on Jack Grealish return, dressing room playlist, hardest opponent in training and squad No.30

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One on One: Kortney Hause on Jack Grealish return, dressing room playlist, hardest opponent in training and squad No.30

Kortney Hause is the latest player in the spotlight as he takes part in our ‘One on One’ interview feature series.

His answers are below.

Q] Talk to us about your start in claret and blue?

It wasn’t great at the beginning!

Making my debut against Wigan wasn’t the best. 

I am the first one to say I’m not good enough when I’m not good enough. I also give myself praise when I’m doing well.

I understand at Wigan I wasn’t good enough. But I had to just put that behind me and carry on working hard in training.

I have such high expectations for myself. So when I don’t perform well, I get low. I get really annoyed and angry. 

But after that game, I feel I have done well at left back, doing the job for the team. 

I am enjoying it – and I’m enjoying playing again.

For me, it’s about always learning, listening to the coaches and improving. 

Q] Differences for you between playing centre-half and left-back?

I’ve been playing defence all my life. For me, defending is defending. 

I feel I’m a decent athlete so I can play across the backline – and also on the wing if needed.

I’m fairly dynamic and mobile. But, as I said, for me defending is defending. 

People will say you run more at full-back, which you do because you have to get up and down the pitch – full-backs aren’t just defenders anymore. 

You’ve got to create that overload with overlaps. So I suppose it is more physically demanding. That's the main difference, I suppose.

GrealishBack8Q] Jack Grealish - how good is he and how good to have him back? 

It’s superb news to get him back. 

He’s such a good player – honestly a real special talent.

I played for England with him, too, before I arrived here at Aston Villa. He’s my good friend. I have known him for quite a few years. 

Everyone knows what he can do. He’s a true game-changer.

Q] In the dressing room, what’s he like?

Jack is a good character.

He’s a good guy and he’s very funny too. 

He’s the glue that sticks the dressing room together. He’s a good person.

KHNumberQ] Any significance to No.30?

It was my first squad number.

My lucky number is 3, which wasn’t available at that time, so you can see why I picked 30!

Like I said, it was my first proper squad number and it’s special to me. I like it.

RonaldinhoHauseQ] Who was your football idol growing up?


He was ridiculous – a truly amazing player and always played with a smile on his face.

He had a big cheesy smile and that stuck in my head. 

I loved his positive attitude to life. It was refreshing to see.

His ability was unreal. He did things that other people could only dream of. 

He was a special, special talent.

Q] Tell us about your singing?

Music has always been part of my life.

I have six brothers and when we were younger, we used to dance in front of the TV. We thought we were the Jacksons.

That’s where the earliest interest came from. 

I love music – but who doesn’t. It doesn’t matter if it’s classical, rap, rock, hip-hop, everyone loves music.Everyone has their own taste, their own style. 

It’s an important part of my life. 

Q] What’s your opinion on the dressing room playlist?

As of late, it’s been electronic house music, which I am not a fan of, I’ll be honest.

I don’t think it’s a choice from the players. I think it’s one of the staff.

I usually have my headphones in anyway so I listen to my own stuff.

Whenever I take my headphones off and hear it, I’m thinking ‘this is not great’.

If I was in charge, I’d put on Drake, Future, Gunner, Lil Baby. They’re what are popping right now. I’d play those artists. 

TamTrainingBestQ] Who’s the hardest opponent to face in training?

It’s got to be Tammy.

He’s big. He’s quick. He’s sharp. 

He’s got such long legs, too. In training, you think the ball is coming to you and then all of a sudden you’ll find those big lanky legs are there - and then in a flash he’s scored.

Tammy is the hardest opponent, definitely. 

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