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Dr Tony Xia: Chairman provides end-of-season rally

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Dr Tony Xia: Chairman provides end-of-season rally

Dr Tony Xia, our club chairman and owner, has offered his thoughts ahead of the season run-in.

Firstly, apologies as the club chairman for my absence at last night's End-of-Season Dinner due to my crazy busy schedule. 

It was a moment I wish I could be there because we were joined by all of our players, coaches and staff, as well as some of our fantastic sponsors and supporters. I hope that this was an enjoyable event for everyone. 

Also, I am here to promise you that no matter how busy my schedule in the coming weeks, I will head to the UK for the upcoming Play-Offs, to fight alongside everyone and to see our shared goals being achieved.

With eight hours of time difference between Beijing and the UK, I have not missed a single one of the games in this season. 

On every game day, despite having a long, hard working day, I sit in front of the TV past midnight to closely follow your performance. 

Just like everyone seated at the dinner last night, whether it was the blissfulness of victory or the tears of sorrow from defeat, we will always stand together by each other's side.

DrTonyXia2This season has been a rough ride. It's been nearly two years since I became the chairman of this great club and whether it's in the management side or the whole general atmosphere, there have always been tough challenges and obstacles. 

There were also other situations where things went far worse from what we could expect. However, as the club chairman, I've never doubted our management team, coaching staff and ability of the players to overcome the challenges and lead the club towards the right direction to success. 

I must admit that our goal has not yet been achieved and there is still a long way to go until we can fully achieve true success. 

But I believe that as long as we all hold onto the same belief, Villa will only change for the better at our hands and ‘feet’.

The coming month is going to be a crucial month for everyone, especially our managing teams and squad. 

Don't forget that you are not the only ones on this battlefield. Every single team-mate, coach, staff, as well as your family members, friends, and every single Villa fan is going to support you unconditionally. 

As long as we keep up our momentum and stay focused on our goal, surely the final victory will belong to us. UTV!

Dr Tony Xia

AVFC Official
By @AVFCOfficial 23rd April 2018