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Where in the World: Other Villa Parks around the globe

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Where in the World: Other Villa Parks around the globe

In a new feature looking at Aston Villa namesakes around the world, we're putting the searches on for club iconography that features elsewhere around the globe. 

This will include alternative Villa Parks, Bodymoor Heaths, Trinity Roads, Holte Ends and more scattered across various continents on the planet. 

The series will take us from as close to home as Northamptonshire to the West Coast of California, Southern Australia, South Africa and beyond. 

To kick-off our search, we're exploring our beloved Villa Park name in other countries, which takes us near Los Angeles, USA first up. 


Where is 'Villa Park' the city? 

This Villa Park is a registered city in the Orange County of California, hence its nickname 'The Hidden Jewel of the Orange County'. 

Less than an hour's drive from LA, it's also located within a short distance of the famous West Coast town of Santa Monica and Long Beach. 

How many people live in Villa Park? 

A small population of approximately 6,000 occupy this Villa Park – less than 15 per cent of our home's capacity. 

How much land does it cover? 

While our home is made up of one large structure, there are more than 2,000 homes in the Californian Villa Park, covering 2.1 square miles of land. 


How much is it to live there? 

Property prices range between $500,000 to several millions, with many homes occupying tennis courts and swimming pools. 

For the smallest price of just $500,000, you could get an adult season ticket at Villa Park for the next 680 seasons! 

What does the American Villa Park have to offer? 

The city has one main shopping centre, your standard grocery stores, banks, pharmacies and a variety of specialty shops and offices. 


Any other facts? 

We formed our Villa Park home way before this Californian city came to being. In fact, we beat it by a whole 65 years. 

We played our first official game here in 1897, while our American namesake was formed in 1962. 

Unlike our regularly-published Villa News & Record programme, the city also does not have a newspaper – only a local bulletin once a month which includes Villa Park news and events. 

For more information on Villa Park, California, including imagery of the city, click here.

Stay tuned across the Official Website for another edition of Where in the World next week.

Dan Connor
By @danconnor 24th January 2018