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Press Conference hot topics: Bruce on Leeds United, Jedinak injury, squad depth and a huge December month

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Press Conference hot topics: Bruce on Leeds United, Jedinak injury, squad depth and a huge December month

Steve Bruce spoke to the media ahead of the Leeds United game on Friday night.

His views in full are below. 

On the upcoming biggest month of the season...

It's fair to say it's the biggest month of the season – absolutely with the games we've got coming up.

I've said it before, we're barking mad in this country. But it is what it is.

The rest of Europe will be having a break and we've got six games in a very short period of time.

There's no more difficult start to December than Leeds United away, either.

It's a big crowd, a big atmosphere and live on the TV. It's all to play for.

On squad depth over December...

Everyone knows we've been dealt a cruel blow in respect of injuries.

We started with Jack Grealish and Jonathan Kodjia, then Henri Lansbury is only just ready to play again if we're being truthful.

Add to that John Terry's injury and Mile Jedinak's last week, and it's been tough.  A real blow to us. It's the spine of the team.

We don't need any more injuries and our big task is to try and sustain the form.

We've managed to cope so far, which is great testament to the players we've got. Fair play to them.


On Mile Jedinak's shoulder injury and timescales...

He will see a specialist on Monday in Manchester.

He's been advised to rest and see how it is for the next week to 10 days and see if it starts to heal a little bit.

If it does, we've got to let nature take it's course. In that case it would be around six weeks.

If not, it will probably require an operation and then we'd be looking at around 12 weeks.

We hope the specialist is right and that being in a sling will do him good, and that we could see him back early January.

Other than him, we're all ok from last week.

On the unsung heroes in the squad over the last few months...

They've played very, very well and have contributed to our good run.

I feel it's wrong to single out individuals because it's a team game. 

We've coped very well and gotten to where we want to be.

We're into a big month of December as of tomorrow and it's all to play for again.


On the challenge Leeds United pose...

Aston Villa against Leeds United would grace any league. 

There's big support, big history and big tradition at both clubs.

It's bound to be a hostile atmosphere, too. 

It's a really great game to be involved in.

They've got a very decent team, especially at the top end of the pitch – they're lively. 

One thing we'll have to do is defend well. We've been more than decent lately, so let's hope that continues.

On putting a win on fellow promotion contenders...

I haven't really looked closely at the points and the positions of others. 

I merely glance at the table. I'm not taking too much notice of it just yet. 

It's still early, we're in a better position than we were two months ago but there's a very long way to go.

You only have to look at the fixture list over Christmas to tell you that.

We'll see where we are when we come out of it and reach the New Year.

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Dan Connor
By @danconnor 30th November 2017