The Wrap-Up: Johnstone, Bruce, McCarthy and Knudsen reaction

November 27, 2017

Key figures discuss the 2-0 victory over Ipswich Town.

Check out their thoughts below.

Sam Johnstone

On Prince William asking Steve Bruce about a permanent transfer…

At breakfast on Friday the manager told me the Prince had seen my shirt, said I’d done well and asked if Villa could try to keep hold of me.

That’s good to hear, coming from someone like that.

At the moment the situation is I am here, playing games. That is it for now. 

Getting promoted is the main objective. Hopefully it happens and I can be part of it.

On the good form from the team…

Everyone knows that after January there were a lot of changes.

There have been changes in the summer, we had pre-season to work on stuff.

It’s gelled together after a poor start to the season. 

I am not too fussed about last year. It’s about what is happening now. 

At the moment we are playing well and getting the results. If we are going under the radar, that’s fine. 

We will just do our thing and keep picking up points. 

It’s going to be a busy Christmas. We just have to keep getting the results and hopefully we can get promoted.

Steve Bruce

On the top of the Championship…

Wolves are steamrolling everybody at the moment aren’t they? 

They are the ones to catch but we’re not even halfway through yet. 

December is usually a big month and we’ve got some big games. 

The programme is ridiculous, and I can say that now because we’ve just won three games but it is ridiculous. 

It’s not right really because you are just asking people to play tired but that’s another debate.

On the good form…

There’s a long way to go and we can’t get carried away but we’re starting to look okay. 

All credit to the players because it hasn’t been easy for them. 

They’ve found a resilience and a team ethic. They know what it takes now to win a game in the Championship.

Maybe this time last year they thought it was going to be a stroll in the park and it isn’t.

On three wins on the spin after defeat…

I don’t think we’ve changed much. 

We’ve responded in the right way and that was important after the home defeat against Sheffield Wednesday.

On Ipswich’s threat…

Mick’s teams are always highly competitive, they compete for every ball and they’re a credit to him really. 

There’s people out there that probably don’t give him the respect that he deserves. 

It's not been easy for him but by god they’re difficult to play against. 

They’re up and at you and they are a threat to any team in this division.

Mick McCarthy

On the result…

We have had a goal disallowed for Joe fouling the goalkeeper but Bart has been bashed for their first goal. 

The centre-forward has got his hand in Bart’s face as the corner comes in. 

The other guy jumps into him as well. It’s a foul. 

We should have defended better after that but if Joe is penalised, then so should they have been. 

It’s been treated differently in my opinion.

On the flow of the game…

Goals change games and up to then I thought we were the better team. 

The second goal was disappointing from our point of view and we are giving goals away and that is not helping us. 

It was good to see Emyr Huws and Teddy Bishop out there. 

I wanted Bish on the pitch for 15 minutes. It will do him good, the team good, me good, the fans good.

On Villa…

Aston Villa are an efficient side and once they are in front they are very difficult to play against.

Jonas Knudsen

On the game as a whole…

It was a tough scrap against, a tough Championship scrap, and it’s sometimes about who makes the first mistake.

It was us which was very disappointing because I think we were definitely in the game for the first 35 minutes and maybe deserved more, but goals change games.

We have to look back on them. They were only small mistakes but that’s how it is. 

They were not good enough and we need to look at that because we need to take them out of the games and make sure we don’t concede in periods where we are playing good.

I thought we were on top of them but then they got the goal which changed the game. 

Then they got the second.

On Villa’s solidity…

When you are away from home somewhere like Villa Park, against a team like Villa who are so organised and know what to do, then they know how to see it out.

We spoke about at half time to say we had done alright but we can’t make these mistakes.

We have deserved more from the last three games than what we have got but that’s how the Championship is. 

Sometimes you don’t get what you deserve.

We have to stay together because we have shown quality this season.

On their disallowed goal…

I don’t want to talk about the referee but for me it didn’t look like a free-kick.

He took the decision and I don’t think he looked our way. 

That’s how it is sometimes.

He didn’t give us the favour this time.