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The Wrap-Up: Hourihane, Warburton, Bruce and Dowell reaction

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The Wrap-Up: Hourihane, Warburton, Bruce and Dowell reaction

Check out the post-match comments from a host of key figures, home and away.

They can be read in full below.

Conor Hourihane

On the game...

If they had 99 per cent possession and we had one per cent and won we’d take it every day.

We played well in the first half and could have had another goal – they didn’t really test our keeper.

They got lucky with the goal, which bounced off a few people and ended with a one-on-one.

Obviously we went back ahead and it got a bit edgy. 

But we will take any kind of win in this league, it doesn’t matter how you win – results are what you are judged on.

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On recording successive Championship wins...

We didn’t win games at the start of the month but we weren’t losing them either. 

Two goalless draws, on paper, at home, isn’t great.

But those draws don’t look too bad now with back-to-back wins. 

Hopefully this run keeps going.

On building a winning mentality...

We will be going out to win every game.

We are always under pressure at this club because expectations are really high.

Everyone wants to get promoted, the players, the fans.

It is the biggest club in the division and people expect us to win every game. 

Everyone has to handle that pressure and take it in their stride.

Mark Warburton

On Forest's performance...

It's frustrating as we came out in the first 15 minutes of the game and we were very good. 

We dominated, looked bright and threatening and then we gave away a very poor goal again and found ourselves 1-0 down.

The 20 minutes after that we were really poor and I think it was the worst we have been in the six months or so I have been here. 

We looked lethargic, we didn't get out there and we had words at half time as a group.

The reaction was good and they showed their character and their quality in the second half but it is another soft goal to give away and we come away frustrated.

You can't come to a place like Villa Park and have to score three to win the game. Mark Warburton
On where his side ultimately lost out...

There are no excuses and we take blame as a team as we take credit – as a team. 

We gave the ball away, went long inexplicably and goals change games.

We had a good response after half time and I thought Daryl took his goal really well with a real calmness and then I thought there was only one team in it. 

We were attacking and moving the ball well and I can't think of a save Jordan Smith had to make in the second half. 

But it is irrelevant as we need to take our rewards.

You can't come to a place like Villa Park and have to score three to win the game. 

BruceWrapUpForestMainWebSteve Bruce

On a crucial three points…

We've played better than that this season and not won, so we'll take it.

I always thought that we were a threat and that we had a goal in us.

Thankfully, we've managed to score twice.

It was a poor goal to give away from our point of view, but that's what happens sometimes.

We needed to keep the ball better, we gave it away a little bit too cheaply in the first half.

Otherwise, I thought we were very comfortable.

On a new-look Villa side..

I think we can be a bit more expansive now and go and take on the division.

We didn’t look comfortable when I first came here.

I’ve tried my utmost to get results in this division and get us away from the troubles.

We can still play better and we have played better and not won.

On the week ahead...

It’s the start of a decent week, hopefully.It’s a tough one, but we’ve given ourselves a nice platform.

Let’s hope we can go and have a really good few games and put a marker down before the international break if we can.

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Good things are happening and we will come out of this spell. Kieran Dowell
Kieran Dowell

On Villa being tough to beat...

We are a good passing team but if the opposition sets up to stop that with two banks of four it's hard to break down. 

We need to find a way to win and I think we needed more energy in the second half, with a few more runners in behind and that is what we got.

The second goal was probably the worst possible time it could have been against us – it took the wind out of our sails.

On the mood around Forest...

It has been a frustrating spell but the fans have been quality.

They have stuck by us and they stayed right until the end today and they need to keep on doing that. 

Good things are happening and we will come out of this spell.

We are coming close to clicking everything together, it is just the small margins at the minute. 

Dan Connor
By @danconnor 25th September 2017