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The Boss: Bruce on Cardiff defeat, away form and Elmohamady injury

The Boss: Bruce on Cardiff defeat, away form and Elmohamady injury

Steve Bruce spoke to the media following the 3-0 defeat to Cardiff City.

His views in full are below.

On what went wrong…

Everything - apart from the first 20 minutes where I didn’t think there was anything in it. 

The first goal, we made a poor mistake and after that it was, I have to say, on the edge of embarrassment, if I being brutally honest. 

So it is a rude awakening to us, very, very early again. 

That’s the biggest ‘doing’ I think I can remember having in the Championship. 

We simply didn’t do enough of the basics. 

Once Elmohamady went off we looked fragile every time they broke on us. 

I don’t know how many times my goalkeeper pulled us out of mire. 

It was a wake-up call to everyone concerned, especially away from home. 

It was a difficult afternoon. 

HoganPostmatchReportMainWebOn poor results away from home...

It is still there, that’s plainly obvious, and we have to do more. 

Because we are Aston Villa we go with the favourites tag, we go with the full crowd. 

One thing we have to do away from home is get ready for what is coming, especially when you come here. 

It made for a really difficult afternoon for us where we didn’t do enough of the basics. 

We were wide open, which is not like us, and of course we’ve had two really great chances at 0-0 and we didn’t take them. 

But that was that long ago and overall we were well beaten and we have to accept that. 

On how the performance ranks in his managerial career… 

It is certainly one of biggest defeats I’ve had in Championship over the years. 

You can get beaten like that in the Premier League. 

But I have to say we lost all our shape, our discipline, our balance and that is hard to come by when all we’ve worked on is that over the last three or four weeks. 

But we’ll go back to work tomorrow and get ready for another game Tuesday. 

On Cardiff’s performance…

They were very, very good. 

I thought their centre-forward was excellent. 

As we’ve said all week, you know what you’re doing when you come up against Neil Warnock’s team. 

I mentioned yesterday that eventually I’ll get Aston Villa in the same sort of mode. 

But what I’ve just witnessed today is still nowhere near where it has to be, especially to be successful in Championship and that is disappointing for me. 

We’ve still got a bit to go but that is disappointing.  

On Cardiff’s prospects this season…

I don’t know why they were written off before the season has started. 

They are a very decent outfit and they have got an experienced manager at the helm. 

They made life very, very difficult for us today and were excellent, I have to say. 

ElmoPostCardiffMainWebOn Ahmed Elmohamady…

He’s got an awful mouth injury – he’s had stitches. 

His lip is in a terrible way.

We will see how he is.

On Reading next up…

We will put our boots back on tomorrow, get back to work and look to respond at Reading.

Certainly we will try and improve.

Reading is coming up. It’s a tough game. They had a good season last year. It will be a really tough game and we have to be ready for it.

On the fan support…

They know what I think of them – they are a quite remarkable bunch.

The disappointment is that, again, we haven’t given them enough to shout about away from home.

I will keep working at it.

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By @AVFCOfficial 12th August 2017