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Elphick on whether his football superstitions will continue

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Elphick on whether his football superstitions will continue
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Tommy Elphick insists his unusual pre-match routine will continue next season.

Elphick misses every line-up photo before kick-off because he’s busy with one of the strangest rituals in football.

Our new centre-half walks up to the goalpost ahead of the start of a game to bring his side good luck – a routine which began during his time with Brighton.

He said: “I have to tap the post a certain amount of times with both boots and say a few little words to myself to get myself ready.

“It’s something I did when there was a delay in the first game I ever played. I didn’t do too badly so I’ve just kept it going.

“But there are so many superstitions. It starts from the morning and goes on throughout the day. 

“It brings me comfort and gets me in the right frame of mind. 

“It puts me in the zone to play as best as I can. It’s something I hope will continue to work for me this season.”

Paul Brown
By @paulbrownavfc 24th June 2016