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Press conference: Dr Tony, Di Matteo and Wyness - the hot topics

Dr Tony Xia: Roberto Di Matteo shares my vision - I'm very ambitious Di Matteo: What I think we need next season in the Championship
Press conference: Dr Tony, Di Matteo and Wyness - the hot topics

Owner Dr Tony Xia, Manager Roberto Di Matteo and Chief Executive Keith Wyness met the press together for the first time today. 

Check out the hot topics of discussion below. 


On why he chose Aston Villa… 

It's a historic Club with a proud history and large, large fanbase. 

I think it has great potential to be promoted. 

It's a new challenge but I'm excited. 

I'm willing to work with Roberto, Keith  - and everyone else - to get this Club back on the right track. 

On his plans to attend Villa's matches… 

I have businesses all over the world so I travel a lot. 

I will spend as much time as I can to watch the team. 

I will spend a lot of time over here. 

On plans for the transfer window… 

We're working on that. 

I think we will have the team ready before the season starts. 

I'm very confident of that. 

Roberto has done well in the Championship, Premier League and also in the Champions League. Dr Tony Xia
On his reasons for appointing Roberto Di Matteo as Manager… 

I am aware of how well he has done in the Championship, Premier League and also in the Champions League. 

He has great experience and I have to admit he is the most intelligent coach I have known. 

We shall work together and we know we will do very well with each other. I am sure he is the right one. 

On how the takeover has been received in China… 

It has been talked about by people very much. 

I think it is a big story and it will be bigger in the future. 

A lot of Chinese fans sent messages to me from the day we announced the takeover, they said they will be Villa fans from that day forever. 

I am sure it will be the biggest in Asia, also I hope biggest and greatest in the world. 

On his priorities… 

My first priority is getting the right atmosphere in the Club, to get the spirit back. 

We need players who fight for the Club and love the Club and contribute. That's the first priority. 

On his aims… 

We don't just want to be a Club to be promoted. 

We want it to be one of the biggest in this country, in Europe and in the world. 

The most difficult part is the beginning one. That's more challenging - to play in this tough division. 

But I believe we have the right management team and if we get the right players we will do it. 

On being promoted this season… 

It's really important if we can get it done this season. 

Everyone will be inspired and encouraged. 

We will create the environment for more plans for the future. We also need some luck. 

We will do our best but I always prepare for everything we need. 


On his 2016/17 challenge… 

I think it's a rebuilding job. 

You look at the last three or four years, it's been a Club that's been in decline and ultimately suffered relegation last season. 

We know it's going to be difficult. 

It's going to be a job where we're going to have to turn things around. 

It's a team that struggled very much in the Premier League last season.

So there are certainly going to be aspects that we have to look at to try and rebuild a strong, competitive team that can be good in the Championship. 

On what he needs to succeed… 

What I believe is that we need a united group, people that are willing to fight for each other, willing to fight for the Club. 

I think that's the most important aspect - that they put their services for the team, for the good of the team. 

I think that will be a big job, to find the right personnel that brings those assets and attributes to the Club. 

It's a new start, new ownership, new management team. Roberto Di Matteo
On his hopes for the future… 

It's an exciting project. That's one of the reasons I'm here as well. 

It's a new start, new ownership, new management team.

On new No.2 Steve Clarke… 

I've looked at what backroom staff I wanted. 

I've known Steve for 20 years. 

He has a wealth of experience, he was managing in the Championship in his last job so he knows the league very well, like me, and so I think that will suit us. 

On his promotion aim… 

That's the objective, that we can get promotion this year. 

It's going to take a bit of time to sort the team out and as you know in football, it's a process. 

We also want results yesterday rather than tomorrow. 

That's my job and I will do everything I can to get a competitive team on the pitch that can fight for promotion. 

On being back in English football… 

I'm very happy. I'm very excited to begin this new project. 

When Tony and I spoke about the ideas and plans he has for the Club, it really appealed to me. 

Aston Villa is a very big Club and has a rich history. 

You look at the infrastructure here and the fanbase, as Tony mentioned before. 

It's a Club with huge potential. 

I'm very happy  - and I hope that I can do a great job here and try to bring some happiness to the people again. 


On what his day-to-day role will entail...

I recognise from my experience that there are some issues that need to be addressed at Villa, behind-the-scenes, and I look forward to the leadership in trying to do that. 

I see a lot of similarities with my time at Everton. 

The Clubs are a very similar size and there are a lot of the same issues. 

I hope we can bring the same sort of success that we had when I was there. 

On the rebuilding task in hand… 

Every Club is different. 

The personnel in each situation is different and there are different issues you have to address. 

I'm convinced we can get this Club back on track and back being innovators and right at the front of the pack. 

On how difficult the challenge is… 

It's well documented that there have been a few years where the Club stood still behind the scenes - and it's relegated now on the pitch. 

There are some challenges - we are aware of that both on and off the pitch. 

We are looking to address those and bring some energy and excitement, pride and passion back. 

On Roberto Di Matteo and his plans… 

The squad is the most important thing and Roberto is working on that. 

He's extended the training camp in Austria from four days to seven days to look at the players we have right now. 

He will be making decisions pretty quickly. 

The squad is very key. 

Off the pitch I will try to get some things in place pretty quickly. 

We want to get the Club moving forward. 

On the disunity between Club and fans… 

With my personality and experience, I hope to build that bond again. 

On getting back straight away... 

It's very important to get back this season. 

We all know the parachute payments start to drop. 

But that's not to say the Chairman won't support it further. 

But we all know sooner rather than later.

AVFC Official
By @AVFCOfficial 15th June 2016