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Terms and conditions 12/13

1. In these terms and conditions, the following words shall have the following meanings:

Qualifying Match
means any home cup game or home league game which the Aston Villa men's first XI play at Villa Park;

Qualifying Season Ticket Holder
means Aston Villa Season Ticket Holders in general admission areas of Villa Park;

means the Aston Villa Loyalty Cash Scheme 2012/13.

2. These terms and conditions apply to membership of the Scheme.

3. Membership in the Scheme is automatic for all Qualifying Season Ticket Holders. If you do not wish to take part in the Scheme, please opt-out by contacting the Club's Marketing Department on 0121 327 2299. By taking part in the Scheme, you agree to comply with these terms and conditions.

4. Membership of the Scheme is (i) not open to non-Qualifying Season Ticket Holders e.g. Season Ticket Holders in corporate areas of Villa Park and (ii) cannot be combined with any other Aston Villa ticketing scheme or incentive e.g. group bookings or supporters club arrangements.

5. Qualifying Season Ticket Holders will earn £1 in Loyalty Cash for every ticket they purchase for a Qualifying Match. Loyalty Cash balances will only be updated 48 hours after the relevant Qualifying Match.

6. Qualifying Season Ticket Holders are reminded that tickets purchased under the Scheme will be situated in home areas of Villa Park and tickets may therefore only be purchased for Aston Villa fans. Qualifying Season Ticket Holders are reminded that they are responsible for the behaviour of the persons for whom they purchase tickets. The Club reserves the right to eject any person from the Stadium (without refund) in the event that they are a danger to themselves or others or there is any obvious or vocal support for the opposing team. The Club further reserves the right to take such action as it deems necessary against any Qualifying Season Ticket Holder who has purchased tickets for individuals who do not act appropriately; such action may include (but is not limited to) a ban from Villa Park of such duration as the Club sees fit (without refund).

7. Loyalty Cash will not be issued in circumstances where a ticket has been refunded after purchase, or the holder of that ticket has been ejected from the Stadium for behavioural reasons.

8. Loyalty Cash can only be redeemed against selected home Premier League match tickets and official Aston Villa merchandise purchased in an official Club retail outlet. Exclusions to redemption may apply from time to time and will be displayed on the Club's website at avfc.co.uk where applicable.

9. Qualifying Season Ticket Holders may redeem their Loyalty Cash on (i) tickets by visiting the ticket office at Villa Village, Villa Park or (ii) on merchandise by visiting the Villa Store at Villa Park or the city centre. Qualifying Season Ticket Holders must produce their season ticket at point of sale in order to redeem Loyalty Cash.

10.Once a Qualifying Season Ticket Holder has redeemed a certain value of Loyalty Cash, their Loyalty Cash balance will be reduced by that amount. If a Qualifying Season Ticket Holder accrues and redeems all of their Loyalty Cash, their Loyalty Cash balance will reduce to and restart from zero.

11.Loyalty Cash balances are non-transferrable and may only be redeemed by the Qualifying Season Ticket Holder upon production of their season card. The Club reserves the right to ask for photo identification upon redemption of Loyalty Cash. /p>

12.The Qualifying Season Ticket Holder's purchasing history recorded on the Club's ticketing software will be the definitive position for the purposes of the Scheme.

13. Subject to availability, a Qualifying Season Ticket Holder may move their season ticket seat to an alternative area of Villa Park in order to sit with individuals that they have purchased tickets for. If this area is in a higher category of seating than the season ticket seat, an additional fee will be payable by the Qualifying Season Ticket Holder.

14. The Club reserves the right without liability to any Qualifying Season Ticket Holder or any other third party:-

  1. a. to vary the Scheme, and these terms and conditions, from time to time; and/or

  2. b. to discontinue the Scheme at any point without notice; and/or

  3. c. to exclude any individual or class of Qualifying Season Ticket Holders from membership of the Scheme from time to time; and/or

  4. d. to suspend or terminate any Qualifying Season Ticket Holders Loyalty Cash account and/or cancel any Loyalty Cash collected by a Qualifying Season Ticket Holder at any time where reasonable e.g. where there has been a breach of these terms or conditions or in cases of suspected fraud.

15. If a Qualifying Season Ticket Holder's season ticket is replaced for any reason (e.g. lost or stolen) then the balance of their Loyalty Cash will be added to the new season ticket within 24 hours of issue. If the Loyalty Cash has already been redeemed at the point that the season ticket becomes lost or stolen, then the newly issued card will have no Loyalty Cash included.

16. If any product purchased with Loyalty Cash is exchanged or refunded, any money owing as a result of such exchange or refund will be added to the balance on the Qualifying Season Ticket Holder's season ticket. Cash refunds are not available in these circumstances.

17. Loyalty Cash is non-transferable between Qualifying Season Ticket Holders or any other individual.

18. Loyalty Cash cannot be exchanged for cash or for a paper voucher.

19. There is no minimum spend required in-store or on tickets to redeem Loyalty Cash.

20. If a season card is cancelled for any reason then the Loyalty Cash balance related to that Qualifying Season Ticket Holder will be void and the Club accepts no liability in these circumstances.

21. The Scheme will expire automatically on 31st May 2013. Any Loyalty Cash not redeemed before that date will be null and void.

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