"We adore Restaurant VMF": Diners hail classy club eatery
Restaurant VMF praised.
24th Apr 2014
"We adore Restaurant VMF": Diners hail classy club eatery

Restaurant VMF - the club's flagship eatery - has been receiving glowing praise on one of the world's most respected review sites.

The Directors-based food haven has enjoyed a surge of comments on Trip Advisor, where it enjoys No.4 status for Birmingham dining gems.

Overall it has 185 reviews, a Certificate of Excellence and a delectable 93% recommendation rating.

Natalie said: "We haven't been wowed by a city restaurant like this for a long time.

"I can't stop raving about it. It has first-class food and service. It could teach the so-called top restaurants in Birmingham how things should be done."

Kevin P continued: "Fabulous! Great place, fabulous service and believe me that was one of the best steaks I have ever had - cooked exactly how I like it.

"The atmosphere was welcoming and the staff were very attentive."

Kim G added: "The venue was very well decorated. The food was gorgeous. The staff were friendly and attentive.

"Even my 17-year-old fussy teenager son enjoyed the meal!"

Restaurant VMF is based in Trinity Road's Directors Suite and is normally open from 7pm on Friday and Saturday and from 12noon to 3pm on Sunday.

This week, however, the eatery is closed on Friday but there are spaces available on Saturday for dinner and Sunday for lunch.

Prices are £24.95 for dinner and £22.50 for lunch.

To book your place at Restaurant VMF, contact 0121 326 1570.



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