Villa Randoms: When Cyrille met Curly/Kate Bush pays a visit
Collection Two from the archives.
30th Oct 2013
Villa Randoms: When Cyrille met Curly/Kate Bush pays a visit

Villa Randoms brings you never-before-seen, exclusive images from our exhaustive archives.

We've delved into our gargantuan library of images to source the most interesting, funny, bizarre and amazing within.

Each Wednesday, you'll get to see pictures from various periods in our impressive history.

There will be managers, players, special guests, animals, supporters and press.

This week, we have pop singer Kate Bush at Villa Park, football legend Stanley Matthews meeting former club secretary Steve Stride, Peter Withe and Steve McMahon going for a spin and Coronation Street star Kevin Kennedy - aka Curly Watts - paying a visit.

If you can shed any light on the photos contained in each gallery, email us.

Check out Collection Two of Villa Randoms.

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