Weimann: We will fight for each other, for the fans, for the club
Andreas Weimann on the battle ahead.
25th Feb 2013
Weimann: We will fight for each other, for the fans, for the club


Andreas Weimann issued a rallying call in the wake of the loss to Arsenal, insisting: "We will fight for each other, for the fans, for the club and do everything we can to stay up."

Weimann said the dressing room was down following the defeat at The Emirates but also heartened by the manner of the performance overall.

Villa's No.26 is confident the team can move swiftly away from the drop zone with eleven 'cup finals' remaining if they play like they did against the Gunners.

Weimann was delighted with the forward threat Villa posed as well as their general defensive solidarity.

He said: "Everyone is down but we're going to pick ourselves up.

"We will fight for each other, for the fans and for the club and do everything we can to stay up.

"We have eleven games to go and we will do everything to get out of this.

"We're confident of turning it around. We'll go into the Man City game trying to win it. The place will be rocking.

"The fans have been brilliant. They've stuck with us all season and I'm sure they'll be behind us.

"We've got eleven games to get out of it. We're confident that by the end of the season we won't be in there.

"We will keep working hard. We have to keep going. But if we play like that, we will win more than we lose."

Weimann registered a range of emotions in the capital contest, bagging a brilliant equaliser before blaming himself for the home side's winner in the closing stages.

He added: "It was brilliant to score the equaliser and we tried to see it through. But it was my fault for the second goal because I let the full-back cross it in. I was very disappointed.

"I thought we played brilliantly overall. The whole team worked hard and every time we broke forward we looked like scoring. The defence was brilliant.

"But in the end, we switched off for one second and they scored. It shows you that you can't switch off, even for one second. These sorts of teams are good at using that and scoring against you.

"Arsenal are a brilliant team, even though they haven't performed brilliantly for the last couple of weeks. The players they have are outstanding.

"But I thought we played really well. It was just that one moment where we switched. But now we need to move on."

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