Pictures/Video/Text: Ireland/Baker learn sign language
Stephen Ireland and Nathan Baker pay a visit to Braidswood School.
14th Feb 2013
Pictures/Video/Text: Ireland/Baker learn sign language


Stephen Ireland and Nathan Baker described their visit to a school for the deaf as "interesting and fascinating."

Ireland and Baker arrived at Braidwood School in Hodge Hill with no sign language skills but both left with the ability to illustrate their name.

In fact, Ireland was handed a mark of 9/10 while Baker earned 10/10 after their lesson with the children.

The pair took the trip as part of the club's epic community work across the region.

Check out the exclusive pictures from the visit.

Baker said: "It was a great afternoon. To learn some sign language was brilliant.

"I picked up name and my nickname too, which was cool.

"I also learned the alphabet, which is easier than you'd think, if you put your mind to it. But the speed the kids sign at is unbelievable. It was just a fascinating afternoon overall."

Ireland added: "It was eye-opening and very interesting.

"I learned my name too so I can go home and show my kids later. The children here are very bright and very engaging. I really enjoyed it!"

Braidwood School for the Deaf is the only one of its type in the Midlands region, meaning that children travel from Birmingham, Telford, Dudley and Worcester to attend classes.

And they have enjoyed football success too, with the girls' team winning the National Championship Cup.

Head Karen Saywood added: "I am so pleased that two Barclays Premier League footballers found time to come and visit us here.

"I know a lot of the children are Villa fans so it made their day. They enjoyed it so much and I am pleased to find out that the players got a lot out of the visit too.

"It was fantastic that these famous players had the chance to meet their biggest fans."

Check out the exclusive pictures from the visit. 

Check out the exclusive video from the visit.



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