Gardner on how skipper Vlaar is helping him over his injury hell
Gary Gardner on Ron Vlaar's injury support.
25th Oct 2012
Gardner on how skipper Vlaar is helping him over his injury hell

By Paul Brown

Gary Gardner says he's battling back to fitness - with help from skipper Ron Vlaar.

Gardner revealed he's now using the bike and the pool as his rehabilitation continues.

The midfielder even hopes to be back running in a month.

He knows there will be "mental obstacles" along the way but hailed captain Vlaar for giving him encouragement at Bodymoor Heath.

He said: "I was devastated to do my right knee. When I injured my left knee I came back stronger than ever. I am not hoping it's the same with my right knee.

"I'll be fine. I'll get through it definitely. Being mentally strong is part of the makeup of a footballer. You can't be weak. Injuries are a hazard of the game.

"Unfortunately I have had two bad ones. But I will be okay.

"Yes I was worried about news of the scan when I did it - and it came back as the worst I could fear - but I've been through it before and that's good.

"I know what to do, I know what mental obstacles I'll go through and I know I'll come through it. I am sure I will be back 100% better than ever.

"I am doing biking and swimming at the moment. I'm further forward now than I was at this stage with my left knee.

"I'll be running hopefully in two-four weeks. As I said I will be fine. I know I will.

"The family and the staff here have been great. They have been incredible supportive. I know I will be fine with them beside me.

"Ron has done it with his left and right knee too. He's been fantastic with me.

"He's put an arm around my shoulder and taken me under his wing. He's the new skipper and he's looked after me. I couldn't ask for more from him!"

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