Club statement
Club statement.
16th Oct 2012
Club statement

Villa were surprised late last week when a Charles Green took a swipe at the club.

Whilst admittedly bizarre and out of left field, Green did later apologise, as set out below, stating that he was aware of Villa's pedigree from a defeat of Sheffield Utd when he had worked there.

We are hoping that going forward Green will retreat to his day job and leave the cutting remarks for those standing on somewhat stronger footing.

Apology from Charles Green, Chief Executive of Rangers Football Club, to Aston Villa:-

"During a press briefing I was asked how I saw the future of football. I was explaining how I believed that the current situation where clubs in England are receiving massive revenues from television rights, yet remain behind the big clubs in England and Europe in terms of success in competition, is unlikely to continue forever. Some of my remarks were taken out of context and I apologise unreservedly to Aston Villa, whom I know full well to be a club with a proud history. I remember clearly - but not too fondly - them beating Sheffield Utd in the FA Cup when I was chief executive there."

Make sure you're here to back the boys against Norwich City.




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